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Date: Friday, July, 15, 7 pm
Location: Back down the valley 12 miles to river crossing camp

Sunny weather so hopefully the river will drop so we can cross. It has been flooded and been a problem to cross. A horse drowned here the other day. If we can't cross we will have to backtrack over a pass. The locals say it should be okay in the morning. 

We awoke to sun, sun, sun. First time in 3 days. We all dried out and now it is hot and flies instead of cold and rain. So it goes in the mountains. We are all riding much better. Now we trot much of the day eating up the miles. Sometimes we canter. 

Steve and Rick switched horses this afternoon. Ricks horse earlier in the week took Rick for an out of control high speed gallop when he went to take off his jacket. The horse is a bit skittish. Steve was doing well on the horse until just at camp Steven went to turn the horse away from camp. The horse clearly did not want to leave camp. It bucked 3 times hard ejecting Steven who safely but with a thud landed on the ground. 

In the background as I type a horn is beeping as a jeep rounds up the animals. The stream is rushing. The dog who has adopted us is laying outside the tent. He has been with us for over 100 miles now. Stay tuned for the crossing drama tomorrow.

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For: Rick and SteveDad

OMG I thought you were a horseman,Your reputation in now tarnished.Your new colt to be will be ready to dump you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAD - 7/15/2016

For: Rick

Stay safe! Please bring dog home with you!

Jen Bennett - 7/15/2016

For: All

Stay safe!

Tatjana L. - 7/15/2016

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