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Date: Monday, July, 18, 9 pm
Location: The beginning and the end.

15 miles. What a fantastic day to end on. We rode into town to the last day of the Nadeem festival. It was in an outdoor arena. Outside were vendors selling lamb pancakes and watermelon drinks among other local drinks and foods. 7 year olds were racing bareback through the crowds. Everyone was dressed in their finest dells, cloaks of all colors. Hats of of all designs. Inside the arena was a series of beautiful performances of dance, singing, playing of local harps, and two string horsehead violins. 

Then the main event. The wrestling. Huge wrestlers. They were dressed in briefs, a short vest and traditional boots. To start the match they ceremonially dance and the red cloak clad official takes off their black spiked hat. The goal is to get the opponent to the ground. They also had youth compete as a right of passage with the pro wrestlers. The pro are quite gentle as they quickly take them down. An amazing, amazing day. No westerners in sight. 

At the moment sitting in our last gher. We have a giant bowl of boiled lamb parts and potatoes. It was boiled in a giant bowl by adding hot rocks. Delicious. We are at the gher we started at. 

We are a different group. Where we started tentative, anxious...we cantered and galloped into camp for miles, we sit on the floor, reaching in the communal bowl. We pass a communal cup of beer. They only use one and it is shared...we are not the same... 

Tomorrow we return to town and showers.

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For: Jenn

Hi Jennifer , in awe of your journey. Looked forward to this daily blog and the glimpse into the experience and the wilds of Mongolia. look forward to more when you return. Esp re the animals Hugs dear !"

Lj - 7/19/2016

For: Elizabeth & Rick

What an amazing opportunity this journey has been. Rick's posts are so urgent and descriptive--great job! I can't wait to hear the "long" version and see photos of all the people and places you've encountered. Godspeed..xoxo

MK - 7/18/2016

For: Susan

Sounds amazing! Hopefully the riding lessons paid off! Doesn't sound like Addison would have enjoyed the cuisine but hopefully you are enjoying it. Bro Bro has a new name... "muskrat".

Elaine - 7/18/2016

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