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Date: Monday, July 11. 2 pm
Location: 18 miles of riding. 5th day horse riding

We had to divert over a mt pass because river was too high to ford. Long uphill. We got up at sunrise to leave early because the horseflies get thick as the day warms. If they bite hard, the horses can bolt. 

Peace. It is setting in on both the riders and the horses. We are all calmer. The vastness, the rhythm of the horses, the slow flow of the clouds..and the gentleness and kindness of the people all contribute to the sense of peace. There are no planes in the sky here. The rhythm is in tune with the rhythm of nature. We are all getting familiar with our horses. Mack and Elizabeth both had their first canters of the trip.

Flowers at the mt pass were incredible. Edelweiss, giant orange bells, deep deep purple stalks of flowers. Ancient larch trees as we climbed higher. Another thunder and hail storm at camp sent us scaring into our tents. Fortunately this time we were in camp.

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For: Rick and Steve

looks like the fun is still in the cards

Daddeo - 7/11/2016

For: Roman

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Challenging and eye opening trip - I enjoy reading the updates! Stay safe! Love you!

Mom - 7/11/2016

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