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Date: Tuesday, July 12
Location: Inside a warm gher after a rain storm

Going with the "let's be present to the moment" experience, we had breakfast and then realized we were missing a horse. So, Chidre rode off in search. Almost two hours later he returned with the horse who had swam the river. So at 12:30 we started off. 

Beautiful riding again but now we are beyond most of the ghers. A rain came in and we were pretty wet. On we rode looking for a gher. Finally we found one. Fires were going inside and we entered. Tea was served as was various animals part like heart, lung in a bowl. Also some yummy lamb pancakes. 

6:00 pm now and no room here for our big group. So we ate our lunch and ride on, present to the moment. 

7:00 pm now. Staying with the in the present theme, we just decided we are staying here as some were tired, more rain is coming and it is late. Hope we are able to convey a bit of the experience here. 

By the way. Sorry no pictures, we have been experiencing very frustrating wifi issue we cant solve from here.

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For: Romans

Was that your horse that went off exploring? ;-)

Erik - 7/13/2016

For: Rick

Sounds like I should have been on this trip!

Jen Bennett - 7/12/2016

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