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Date: Wednesday, July 13. 3 pm
Location: Same as yesterday

In gher all day. Raining all night all day. Yes, have not moved. Will not get to our high point of Blue Lake. So, we learn to live as nomads. 

Very rainy year here. River high. When was the last time you sat all day in a small tent with up to 18 people? Maybe it has been awhile so I will tell you what we are doing:

Roman slept in gher last night. Listened to iPod, played cards, ran around in gher without shirt.

Elizabeth, cards with kids, lots of tea.

Steve, shaved, got out his toy to play with kids, ate local animal parts 

Mack, played cards with kids, made delightful conversation. 

Susan, hung in gher with locals, shared photos with kids on her iPhone. 

Tim, I don't see Tim right now. 

Jennifer, wrote, played with kids. 

Rick, made tea for group shaved in rain, wrote you. 

Chidre, checked on horses, cut wood for fire, used rope to bridle. 

Nne, our transaltor, drew portraits of the group, explained Mongolian culture. 

Bahirba, our horse packer, made bridles and checked horses. 

Neighbors, who are french riding through, joined us for tea, cards and warmth. 

Owners, stayed in other gher, cleaned sheep, looked after animals. 

All of us drank tea, sang songs with guitar, watched nadeem festival on tv, cheered our local provimce wrestler on. Laughed listened to rain. Lived in the moment

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I know whwt the problem is!You have two French men there but one is missing. ME! if i was i would order better weather bring on the Son shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob FRench or Daddeo - 7/13/2016

For: Tim Sexton

Are you off chasing horses across river?

Mom & Dad - 7/13/2016

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