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Date: Thursday, July 14. 6 pm
Location: Same camp. But...

17 mile ride today up to 9,000 feet at Blue Lake. If there is a more beautiful ride in the world, I would like to see it. 

A bit wet at the start, light showers all day. But it created spectacular lighting. We trotted today to make better time plus we did not have the gear on pack horses. We had to cross a river that filled some of our boots. Up the valley and then up the side of the valley until we rose above the trees into a windy, alpine meadow of deep blue and purple flowers. Yellow and orange poppies. 

At a high place we passed a ovoo: a tall pile of rocks and a tepee of sticks. It was covered in cloth and wrapped in bright colorful prayer scarfs. Blue lake stretched beyond in the floating clouds. Inside this shrine was piled high cheeses as offerings. From a short distance away, our guide wrapped in his dell, cloak, wrapping the tepee with our scarves could have been scene from a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago. The deep quiet stretched back for centuries.

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For: Jennifer

So glad you made it to the Blue Lake... The ride there sounds heavenly. Hope you are having a blast!

Patti and Ron - 7/15/2016

For: Romans

Wishing that I were there to share this with you... It sounds very peaceful and meditative. I truly hope that you are enjoying it to the fullest!

Erik - 7/15/2016

For: Jennifer

MIssing you and loving reading these posts. Getting such strong images of people and places...your guide wrapping scarves....beautiful. XO

Sara - 7/15/2016

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