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Date: February 20, 2012
Location: Barfu Camp heading to Mweka

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: ALL

Truly Inspiring! Congrats to all!!! I can't wait!!

Troy Cusson - 2/23/2012

For: Gene and D

I'm so proud of you. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment. Good Luck in the marathon. I'm thinking of you always. Congratulations to D and the rest of the gang. See you soon. Love, Mom XXXOOO

The Mother - 2/21/2012

For: Gene and Dee

Hey Kids, finally got a hold of the world wide web and am somewhat caught up on your journey. Congratulations isn't nearly the right sentiment. Helen would be so proud - I brought her to Thailand with me. This place is B-A-N-A-N-A-S as DMB would say. Miss you guys and can't wait to catch up when we are back in the safe haven that is known as New Jersey. CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. CAN'T LOSE!

JB - 2/21/2012

For: Paul

Congratulations on your extreme accomplishment!!!!! you should be proud... and remember down is easier than up (at least doing stairs it is ) so be safe and we look forward to the pictures and many stories of your adventure. and congrats to the rest of the climbers..what a great accomplishment for you journeys back down.

Pam, Edwin & Lois - 2/21/2012

For: D!

Clearly such a fitting time to say CONGRATULATIONS DEIRDRE!!!! Such an amazing accomplishment and one that you will carry with you in your heart for the rest of your life. So proud and excited for you and can't wait to see pictures and hear stories. If only there was butter beer at mweka camp for you guys, geno would have loved it :). You just have to settle for kili beer!

Peggy - 2/21/2012

For: Paul H

Hey Honey, You forgot to show me how to reset the internet now that you have redone. Good thing I figured it out. All up and running again. Have no idea what happened to it. Only 2 3/4 days til you are back in the thick of things at home. Wait until you see the house.....yeah, it's still there and I didn't throw out a thing. Really!

Jane - 2/21/2012

For: To Lisa

Aunt Lisa, I am so, so, so proud of you. What an amazing journey. Far better then those rides at Disney World for sure!I am so happy you have such a wonderful opportunity to experience life in this way. Challenging but triumphant, adventurous and exciting. You have been in my thoughts every day of your journey. Love, Mariah

Mariah - 2/21/2012

For: All

Congrats to all! Unforgettable memories.. take a deep breath, enjoy the view and oxygen on your way down!

Liz (Kili '10) - 2/20/2012

For: Gene

Congratulations. I knew you could do it-no doubt in my mind. We're proud of you. Haven't posted in a few days because in my world there were important things to do-like going to the casino for a couple of days with friends. Played a slot machine with things from Africa on it and figured if I thought of all of you it woulld help. I should have stayed home. Love you.

Nana - 2/20/2012

For: Gene

Thinking of you...Congratulations on a great day! Cant wait to see you and hear all about it:) Love you

Jenny - 2/20/2012

For: Bob

So proud of you and what you have done. Be careful sliding back down to Sue.

Jack and Sandy - 2/20/2012

For: all

FANTASTIC post today Marcia. I had been wondering how I could mimic SOMETHING like what you all are living... and todays post gave me the perfect idea. I took a nap on the floor. IN the end it was not quite the same as yours, but it was te best I could come up with! Maybe I should have put a stone in my shoe too? I hope you enjoy every last step of that glorious mountain and time with the porters!

matt flanigan - 2/20/2012

For: Chris and Pete

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You guys are absolutely awesome!!! I am so proud of you guys for sticking it out and making it to the summit!! It's a feat that only few can say they have accomplished in their lifetime!I know you are fast asleep right now so hopefully this message greets you in the morning! Sleep well because lord knows you deserve it! Chris, you truly are my inspiration! Love you with all that I am! I look forward to hearing your voice soon!

Jason - 2/20/2012

For: Paul

Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!! You made it. That is really exciting news. Jane and I just went to the Sunrise for dinner. We're having way too many laughs. Jane did well at PT today. Jimmy and Monti said meow!!!!

Sarah - 2/20/2012

For: Chris D.

Congratulations, Chris! I think I speak for all when I say that we are happy for you and in awe of your accomplishment. We can't wait to hear all about it!

Lorraine & Co. at Miner Lib. - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa

You little rascal!! You did it and have made so many people proud. What more can I say but I'm right proud and can't wait you hear you voice in the USA. Love, Aunt Patty

Aunt Patty - 2/20/2012

For: Deirdre and Gene

Congratulations for making it to the summit! We are all so proud of you. The message from Marcia sounds like exhilaration and exhaustion can go hand in hand. Can't wait to see you when you get back and hear all the stories...good luck on the way down!

Linda Weber & BH Relay - 2/20/2012

For: Bob

Bob - you made it! Your conditioning paid off> I'll let the Bifriars know you made it. Enjoy the slide down.

Paul G - 2/20/2012

For: Gene

Congratulations on reaching the Summit. Good luck on your Marathon!

Kevin Babb - 2/20/2012

For: Cris & Raiel

Strong work guys! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories. Have a safe decent! Love, T, N, A, O & E

KY Vogts - 2/20/2012

For: Mamma Diana

Wow you all made it. SO HAPPY AND PROUD WELL DONE DIANA!!!!! Can't wait to to see ya and get al the real feed back on this amazing trip of your's. We are really going to party on this BIG ONE!!!! See ya soon. YOU ARE THE BEST DIANA!!!!

Your so proud Edie in South Africa - 2/20/2012

For: Guides, Leaders, Hikers and Friends

Congratulations again to everyone on a fantastic trip. Rick, Yusuf, Mohammad and Yahia: Great job leading the team on another successful trip! I had some fun mapping this climbing route over the weekend. Here's what I came up with: As a comparison, here's the Rongai route ascent and the Marangu (Coca-Cola) route descent on the opposite sides of the mountain:

Randy - 2/20/2012

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Chris DEG....

Type your message here... SAW Bob, at the Flurry..... He shared with me about your journy.... GO CHRIS GO......!

From? (maximum 255 chars)Mark Livernash - 2/20/2012

For: D & Gene

Congratulations! So proud of you guys! I woke up unnecessarily early this morning, checked for this, and then went back to sleep. It's already been a great day! Safe travels down!

DMB - 2/20/2012

For: To? Katie and Derek

On top of the world and so close to Heaven. The pride we feel for both of you in this accomplishment is monumental. We talked with Nannie who managed to make three comments. "thats amazing" " that is really special" and "I hope they took lots of pictures " We love you, Heather and Douglas

From? Heather and Douglas - 2/20/2012

For: Bill Heim

Hi Dad.. Congratulation you made it!!Sounds like it was very hard to breathe up there but WOW so cool that you walking to the top in the dark..I can"t wait to hear all the stories and pictures..We are all good Love Willy aka the better one

Willy - 2/20/2012

For: Marcia

I am so proud of youfor all you have accomplished for yourself and others. Your message was beautiful in its genuineness and richness of explication. Love to you and Rick.

Kath - 2/20/2012

For: To Lee

You have always been tops with me and now you are on the top of the world. Congratulations to you and all the climbers.

Vincent - 2/20/2012

For: Mary ann

I am so proud of you! I imagine it has to be painful not to have reached the summit, but you far surpassed that in so many ways that few can possibly be aware of. I reflect on the talk we had at your house about reaching the summit, a talk which was such a turning point for you with the trpp and climb. I marvel at what you have done. Love, Kath

Katy - 2/20/2012

For: Gene

CONGRATULATION to you!! What agreat exhilarating accomplishment. Can't wait to sit pool side and hear the stories. Enjoy the view. We wish you well again on the marathon. Stay strong and focused!

The Springwood Ladies - 2/20/2012

For: Chris DeG and Vicky

You two are amazing! Hugs to both of you.

Jane - 2/20/2012

For: Marcia

Marcia - Congratulations! I knew you could do it. You are so amazing. Thanks for the audio update. I've been following your progress and trying to imagine what its been like. I enjoyed the serenity of my early Monday A.M. walk in the Webster Park trails w/ Charley and my mind continually wondered to what you and the others must be feeling and experiencing. Such triumph. Safe travels home. Hope you can get some rest. Hello to Rick, too!

Nancy - 2/20/2012

For: Dee and all

W O W! Marcia's description of that last push up the mountain was great and it was relieving to see you with your flag looking hale and hearty. Congratulations from a world away. Read somewhere that only 40% of all those who begin the climb up Kili are able to accomplish what you all did! We're so very very proud of you.

Moore family - 2/20/2012

For: Dee

We're so inspired by you. We have been following and thinking of you and all your climbers. You are so amazing and we're so proud of you. We can't wait to see more photos and hear about it in person. We're sharing this with Eily. she thought it was so cool that she was "going" to the top of the world. Thank you for bringing her along. We love you!!!!!! Hugs and kisses from across the world. Congrats to everyone!!!!

The Buchanans - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa

WAY TO GO!!!! Biggest congratulations to you. If I'm tearing up from here I can't imaging the life changing experience you have had. Hugs and love from down the hill.

Michelle & Phyl - 2/20/2012

For: Marcia

WAHOOOO!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! It was great to hear you on the audio, could hear just how exhausted you were. I called your office this morning to tell them that you made it okay, they were so glad to hear that. I told them about the hike up in the dark, the cold and hail. Rest up and enjoy the rest of the trip. Eat, sleep, shower, yeah!!! See ya on the flip side. Thank you Rick and all the porters for taking such good care of Marcia. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE CLIMBERS.

Leanne - 2/20/2012

For: Christine & Peter

AMAZING!, Congratulations . So Proud of you Both!And the places you will go.... within your strength, endurance , motivation, you have inspired us that Nothing is impossible! With much happiness, love, and warm hug to big brother and precious niece, sleep well. xo Mary & Tim

Tim & Mary - 2/20/2012

For: Kili Climbers

Congrats to everyone on a great effort! Enjoy the walk down and the safari! Safe travels home!

TJ - 2/20/2012

For: Marcia and all

WOW what a tail you have to share. THANK YOU for sharing from the heart like that. We look forward to hearing every story you and ANY ONE on that trip want to share. THIS day, will leave an imprint with you for years and years to come. ENJOY! ALL of the Flanigan household are thrilled for you and that team! WELL DONE ALL.

Matt & Char - 2/20/2012

For: MARSHA, Rick

Hey, Congrats on another great trip Rick...amazing that you get so many to the top!! Marsha, I sit here in tears listening to your voice and remember my own journey and exactly how you feel right now!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and cannot wait to hear your story!!! Love ya, Steve

Steve - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa (Lee) and All

Marsha, thanks for that wonderful account. We can hear the excitement through the exhaustion. Thanks for these posts and congratulations to all. The sun is shining really brightly today in Rochester, and it will remind us all here of all of you there. Get rest. You'll be in to the high oxygen range soon! Lee, your friends here are over-the-top happy for you!!!!! 143

Lori - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa

Congratulations! Our hero Lisa!

Tony, Louise, Joseph and Leah - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

One important question: Were you wearing your baklava? 143

Lori - 2/20/2012

For: Bob

Congratulations Bob! You achieved your objective. We hope to see a lot of photos before too long! All your efforts over the years to keep in shape have paid off.

Jim & Mary Jane - 2/20/2012

For: Dr. Campbell

You made it! So inspirational! It was a joy to follow you on your journey these past few days and to hear your voice this morning. You sound wonderful, yet exhausted. Rest, enjoy and travel home safe. What an accomplishment! What courage!

Tammy Dostman - 2/20/2012

For: Katie

That is fantastic news!! I sent him an update ...he says:"That is fantastic news!!"

Bob via Lise - 2/20/2012

For: Katie & Derek

Been thinking of you both experiencing this unbelievable challenge with strength, courage and wonder. Congratulations. Look forwards to listening to the stories you bring home within you body, heart and soul.

Sylvia - 2/20/2012

For: Marcia

I can feel your pain as i listen to the post.So glad you made it!!!!Time to celebrate as you come down..I can see you smile as you recover. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddeo

Daddeo - 2/20/2012

For: Nancy

Wow! You did it, congratulations!!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday, and again this morning. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Colleen - 2/20/2012

For: Vicky & Chris

Congratulations! Hope it went well.

George Sperry - 2/20/2012

For: Christine & Peter

To share your Summit experience at 11PM our time, Tashi and I struggled up the woods path to the highest point in Menands (150 ft) in clear, 45o weather with headlamp. We shouted your names and congratulations toward the East. Did you hear us? Word of the Day: MAGNIFICENT

XOXOC - 2/20/2012

For: Derek

I can't imagine how you feel...much more tired than a marathon.....more exhilarated too......we still have those butterflies. Love

Mom & Dad - 2/20/2012

For: Katie

What you have surmounted to accomplish this is beyond amazing! Dad says "u n b e l i e v a b l e".

Mom & Dad - 2/20/2012

For: All

Had a gathering at my house last night with some Kili climbers.. we were ALL wishing we were with you. We are so proud to be part of you. You are at the center of the universe today. Do me a favor. Look up into the African starscape and kiss the sky for me... Peace, Love, and Boulders

Bruce - 2/20/2012

For: Dara

Hugs mountain sister Dara! I am holding you in my thoughts and heart...

Bruce - 2/20/2012

For: Paul H

I checked for this update about every hour for several hours, so know I need to sleep. Hope you are OK. I had hoped for inidividual updates like they did last trip. Maybe later in the day. I love you. Only 3 1/2 more days and you will be back home.

Jane - 2/20/2012

For: Lisa (and all)

Been dying to get home and check the updates!! I am so glad to hear you all made it and experienced the summit. WELL DONE ALL! The audio today made it clear how exhausting but rewarding it was. Thanks for taking us along on your journey, if only in spirit! All the best, remember, its all down hill from here :) Lisa we can't wait to have a skype when you get back! 243, 243, 243!!!!! OK back to work for this guy.

England Fan Club - 2/20/2012

For: Christine and Peter

I'm so excited and relieved to get this message. Can't wait to talk to you. Headed up to spend the day with Thomas Thank goodness this message came before I left. Sounds like it was very difficult with the wind and hail. I spent most of last nite wide awake checking for this message Love you .

The Non - 2/20/2012

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