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Date: February 19, 2012
Location: Basecamp, Barafu, 15,500!

Wow! Big day. We slowly moved up to high camp.

Thanks for caring and asking about each of us. All are doing fine. Which means some struggle, group supports, someone else struggles, some a little easier for. All are safe, having a rich experience. These are tapped out on a 4 inch pda connected to a satellite phone and sent to the heavens. When the satellite moves sometimes it drops and we have to start over. And remember most of our day is filled with the business of climbing. Pictures are especially hard to send. They have to be very small.

Now we are going to bed at 6 pm to get up at 10pm. We will hike 7 hours in the night to hit the summit at sunrise. We will try to have someone who can audio post from there and get it to you Mon. Morning if out satellite phone antenna remains intact.  We currently have it splinted. We ill later post how far each person gets.  If our antenna doesn't cooperate, we will try to get word how everybody did somehow.

Everyone is a success already. The courage and caring they have shown and the journey is what affects them most. That experience is individual . Please take the time to ask what this has meant to them. That is the jewel. Our story is the important thing. The summit is only a part of that story.

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For: To Bill

Type your message here... Hope you didn't use up all of your loose change, your need 35 cent when you get home,,, good job

From? Rich - 2/20/2012



ART - 2/20/2012

For: ALL you glorious intrepid Kili Konquerors!

However high you climbed, you are heroes! I relive Kilimanjaro with each post I hear and read. You've climbed through the cold night. You've greeted the sunrise on the glacier. You've "skied" down the rocky skree - half terror and half exhilaration. You've had that first post-summit exhausted sleep...and soon you'll board the bus to showers, food, beers and more sleep. Each one of you has found strength you may never have known you had. We are so, so proud of your accomplishment!!

Bibi (Phyllis) and Babu (Marty) of '09 - 2/20/2012

For: Deirdre

Unbelievable, I think the last time I saw sunrise it was because I was still drunk and partying from the night before and hadn't yet made it to bed and it certainly wasn't from 15,000 feet. AWESOME! Congrats to all of you, you are indeed inspiring. Enjoy the view! Lots of love from Cali

Maura - 2/20/2012

For: Dad

Congratulations you did it! I was a little worried, but you came through the other side. Kabi would be so proud of you - in fact, I know he is. He appeared the other day at work - a penny face up was there on the ground 2010 and I knew it was his sign. Did you have any time with him up there in Heaven? Hope you have a nice descent. The most important part is behind you - you can do it! Love, Courtney and Joe!

Courtney, Joe, and Raider - 2/19/2012

For: Diana & Deni

T .Wow..You are truly our inspiration and can feel so very proud, making such beautiful memories..I've shown everyone your location...Stay WARM AND DRY....YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED AND BLESSED....MOM, TEE, LEE

Laura/Mom - 2/19/2012

For: To clay, Raiel and Chris

Type your message here...We have been staring at the iPad all day plotting your path up the mountain, knowing that were ever you ended up was perfect. We love you

From mom and dad - 2/19/2012

For: Bill

By the way-went to a great party at your house. Must have been close to 100 people there.

Chris - 2/19/2012

For: Bill

Looks like things are going great. Hope the Kilt is staying down and not flapping in the wind.

Chris - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa

Hey "Lebo" & Kili Gang! Have been following and enjoying the blog - cheering you all on daily from Myrtle Beach (offical elevation 30' heehee). Drove home to WNC this weekend and as I crossed over the Blue Ridge Parkway (just under the 5000' elevation mark) my ears popped while adjusting to the pressure. I was instantly reminded of your journey and left to wonder what adjustments each of you have had to make. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!

Teresa - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa

Hi Lisa! This is Tim Hyatt from Waynesville, North Carolina. I wanted to congratulate you on being the second person ever to pass the Kobayashi Maru. God bless you and your compatriots! Many tears have been shed here out of happiness for your accomplishment. Live long and prosper. I have been and always shall be your friend.

Tim Hyatt - 2/19/2012

For: Chris, Raiel, Clay, Katie & Derek

Yeah - You all can do it. I'm so excited for all of you. Hard to believe you have been away a week already. Enjoy and be safe. Love to all.

Mom (Stephanie) - 2/19/2012

For: Deirdre and Gene

You guys look terrific in the picture!And with your flags...I hope you feel as good as you look. We are all rooting for you and can't believe it's been almost a week. We are all so inspired by you, so we keep doing our job here, hoping to surprise you when you get back! Sounds like a great group of people. Maybe you'll do it again with some of us next time??? love to you both...

Linda & RFL BH - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa & Climber Buddies

I'm truly inspired! How amazing a trek this is and to be able to participate vicariously through your posts! 2 Quotes come to my mind: 1. "The Hills are alive, with the sound of music..." What song do you hear? 2. As my Physical Therapist told me: "Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body." Power through it. The pains will heal. Really, be safe. Savour the moment. love to all

amy - 2/19/2012

For: Katie

I have enjoyed living this adventure through you. I look forward to hearing your story and know words will never due justice as to what this has meant to you. You are a warrior.

T - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain Off to the Summit you go!!!!!!!!!!!! ps - we hiking around Durand Park today in honor of your journey :-)

John and Laura - 2/19/2012

For: Gene

Sounds like you're having an incredible journey...what a feat and what an accomplishment. Carpe diem!!

Patti - 2/19/2012

For: 2012 Kili Team

Congratulations Team! For someone who doesn't snow ski, did anyone else have a blast "skiing" sideways down the loose scree and rocks, using your poles to control yourselves, occasionally hitting solid rock and wiping out? If not, there's still time to go back up again and try it! But seriously...Rick, remind them of their flashlights! Safe trip descending.

Noel Kili 2011 - 2/19/2012

For: Chris and Peter and all Trekkers!!!!!

OK Guys! The day is finally here! You are on your way to conquering your journey and emerging victorious at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!! Now's the time to dig deep and finish strong! C'mon!! Show me your war face!!! ARGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Jason - 2/19/2012

For: all of our Kili Heroes

By the time you hear this you will have reached the summit! Congratulations to you all. You have accomplished more than most people will in a lifetime! Thank you for your hard work and for taking the names on your banner to the top. Enjoy the long walk down, the hot shower at the hotel, and the delicious food (when you get your appetite back). Peace and prayers to you all.

Linda #2 (kili '08) - 2/19/2012

For: My heroes

Ah, the Barafu Camp! I remember it well! The silk sheets, the room service, the wonderful dessert menu! The heated pool was a little cooler than expected but the masseuse made up for it! Seems like just yesterday! Still can't believe the chairlift that takes you to the top! Such wonderful views! Enjoy the caviar and champagne when you reach the top - it's delicious! The zip line back down is still my favorite part! Congrats to all!! In my eyes, you hit the summit when you got on the plane!!!

Paul Artruc (Kili '08) - 2/19/2012

For: D&G

Who's that guy with aunt d??? Hi guys!!!! We love seeing you (and your killa I mean kili jacket) ! You are moments away.. And all we have to say is.... CONGRATULATIONS DEIRDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Harry Potter lover Gene and the entire crew!! You are amazing, courageous and magnificent and we are so truly grateful to you and FOR you. Much love and well wishes, enjoy your unbelievable feat;) Love love love

the hanleys - 2/19/2012

For: Bill

Hi dad, you're a bad ass. Hope you took some cool pictures and I hope you got something cool for me at the market. By the way I went to a frat party at Cornell, oh you know just scouting for PHD students, no big deal, just kidding. Oh, mom had a crazy party last night in your honor, somewhere between eighty and five people were here, it was pretty hopping. Can't wait to see you. Love Rosie aka the good child.

Rosie - 2/19/2012

For: Mary ann and Marcia

My dear friends, what you have done and are doing is something poets write about, artists paint, but so few LIVE. The day has come, and I am in awe of you. Love, Kath

Kath - 2/19/2012

For: Paul Hoffman

Paul, we're thinking about you and hope you're holding up in the thin air! We know you're almost up to the summit, and this is the most exciting part. We're so proud of your determination and achievement! Be careful! Love and hugs!

Joe and Pat - 2/19/2012

For: To? Mary Ann

Been following your every move and wish you the very best!

From? Moonbeam - 2/19/2012

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Lisa

Type your message here...step by step!!! All you have to do is take 1 step at a time. You climb for many who have trouble climbing their stairs. Let the joy of what you have done wash over you - you give hope to many and that is the best medicine!! Charmagne

From? (maximum 255 chars)Charmagne - 2/19/2012

For: Mary Ann

Look to the heavens. There are stars looking down at you! Each one is filled with love.

Joy - 2/19/2012

For: Mary Ann

We are truly overwhelmed with the courage, strength, and determination you has shown. May you feel the love and pride all of us have for you. Your thoughts and feelings along the way no words could possibly describe. They are yours alone to cherish. When you reach the top, you have accomplished what you had dreamed of doing. How awesome!!! Think of all who love you, as they are with you to celebrate this unbelievable accomplishment. Congratulations! Fred and I will raise our glasses!!

Joy and Fred 2/19/12 - 2/19/2012

For: Dad (Peter), Christine, & All

Great job so far, some inspiration quotes for the final summit push, One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened, Zen Master Futomaki Ask yourself: Can I give more?. The answer is usually: 'Yes', Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves, Edmund Hillary -Good luck everyone!

Andrew, Beth, and Thomas - 2/19/2012

For: Christine and Peter

I'm so excited for both of you. I know you've had an amazing journey. I can't wait for you to get back. All my prayers and love go out to you as you trek up the summit. Hugs and kisses.

The Non - 2/19/2012

For: Marcia

The big day (NIGHT!) is here! I will be watching the clock and thinking of you all when it's time for you to start out in the dark. I can't even get my head wrapped around how difficult this last stretch can be. No doubt you are a stronger person than when you left and when you get to the top you will be stronger still. And to share it with people that you have developed such a strong bond with is priceless. I've been watching youtube recordings of past ascents on Kili and I am in awe. HUGS!!!

Leanne - 2/19/2012

For: Paul Hoffman

Good Luck, Paul. Been following your trip. Semper Fi, Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper - 2/19/2012

For: VT crew and the rest of your new family....

It'll be the best and maybe the worst night of your life, but no matter what happens...a shower is in your near future! My heart and lungs are with you! Can not wait for our celebratory dinner when you get back so I can see the pictures and hear your stories! It seems like its been a wonderful adventure thus far! Good luck tonight and tomorrow....

Kelly - 2/19/2012

For: To Lisa

Lisa, watching you and your group rise to the top! Just amazaing to see the pictures..what a memory you will all have to take home with you. My best thoughts go out to everyone on the mountain and their loved ones at home watching. Love you

From The Dommers - 2/19/2012

For: Bob and All

Best to all as you head for the summit. We will have such different experiences to share. Yesterday we took a trip out to see the bush people and their hunting. Also visited the Datoga tribe. Today we went to the Pentecostal Church in the am where several of the orphans go. We just came from the school where we helped them write letters to their donors. They are delightful, appreciative and well-behaved. Maybe to Malicky's for dinner tonight. We will be thinking of you for the night.

Sue - 2/19/2012


It was so great to see the pic of you and Deidre 1 this morning! The kids loved seeing you! Sounds like it is very exciting there:) I guess you are probably getting up and getting ready to hike through the night. Good luck, be careful, and congratulations! We are already so proud! Big basketball game today! Jordan is already showing me 1000 moves that he intends on trying out at the game. He has his mind set on picking up a charge-he wanted me to let you know! Love you!

JENNY - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa

I read the latest post from Basecamp Barafu and I get chills. Reaching for the sunrise. We're reaching with you.

Rik - 2/19/2012

For: Katie & Derek

We both have butterflies. We will have a Sunday night dinner complete with "what have we got for Maddie?" when you get back to Vt. We love you. Onward,

Mom & Dad - 2/19/2012

For: Katie Derek & all

Like Christine & Peters family we are checking your local time and hoping you are keeping as well as possible. This IS about an amazing story and the summit is just a part of the story. You are brave beyond description. Be well.

Mom & Dad - 2/19/2012

For: D

Can't believe you are at barafu already and on your way to the summit! So excited for you and cannot wait to see the images and hear the stories. You are so close to that celebratory kili beer you should be able to taste it. Not even sure what inspirational words I can share because you are clearly so strong and selfless all within you (like the greatest love of all...was referencing separate to will always love you sillies). All I can say at this point is thanksssss for your energy and effort

Peggy - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa (Lee) and All

Wow, hiking to the summit in the dark! I can't even make it to the bathroom down the hall in the dark without stumbling. We're all excited that you're all together and dancing at the height of airplanes. It's like tuning into a reality show only we know there are no Hollywood camera crews sipping lattes while someone gets voted off an island. This is the REAL deal--about friendship and patient progress. Quote for the day: "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings." John Muir -Hug

Lori - 2/19/2012

For: Christine & Peter & All

Big Day indeed! We have set our clocks to your time zone so we can be with as you leave Barafu in the dark and reach for the Sky. Cheers to each and everyone for meeting the challenge, for going for it, for somehow doing what is harder than you can stand. Know that everyone who has ever loved you is helping lift your feet every step of the way. Words of the day: WITHIN YOU.

XOXOC w/Sooooooo Much Love - 2/19/2012

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