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Date: February 18, 2012
Location: Karanga camp. 13,300 ft. 50 degrees day, sunny, cloudy, thunderstorm

Hi all. Lots of rain yesterday causing some soaking of gear. In bed by 8;00 am. Up in sun, yeah, dry in 10 minutes. Up the crazy Barranco Wall. Tomorrow is summit night?!

We all decided after this trip we only need a shower every 5 days.

Paul and all are still with the program. All are expecting to make summit despite a few down in the tent. Thanks for all the support.

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For: Lee

Lee, I don't feel like ur big sister-even thou Iam a few cent a meters taller and a bunch more pounds- I feel like ur little sister. U r huge in size, huge in energy, huge in living life...I am humbled and full inspiration It is an honor to know u !

Mari - 2/19/2012

For: Katie

So excited to hear you are almost there. Can't wait to hear your story and see the pictures. Thanks for all your efforts. Hope you've have an amazing journey.

T - 2/19/2012

For: all

prayers and good vibes headed your way. Thought of you all on Hi Tor this morning. Pole pole.

linda #2 - 2/18/2012

For: DARA and Everyone

As you head for the summit may you be bolstered by the good wishes and prayers of all your friends, your families, your well wishers and everyone rooting for you back here. Hope you feel all thst combined energy just pushing you along. Love, luck and success! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

US - 2/18/2012

For: Marcia

Godspeed to you and everyone on the mountain as you head to the summit!!! This is an AMAZING and WONDERFUL journey to watch from far away. I can only imagine how it is there. There's something special to be said for the heights you've reached!!! I WISH YOU WELL!!!

Larry Bovenzi - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa, Dara, Marcia, and ALL you inspiring climbers

Wooo Boy! You did the fabulous Barranco Wall! Aside from the thrill of the summit, it was the very best day of all. I'm so proud of you ALL, and can't wait to hear the stories, and see all the pics. Anyone coming to hike Mendon Ponds on March 3 with us? If so, we'll see you then. (By the way, those weird "trees" are Senecio, and they are unique to Kilimanjaro.) Hugs to all, Botanical Phyl (for whom the summit was"delicious")

Phyllis Korn of Kili '09 - 2/18/2012


CANCER,CRONIC FATIGUE,MS,LIVER TRANSPLANTS nothing can stop you now. Congratulations. The world is a better place because of you. You Rock!!

Tomaste - 2/18/2012

For: Deni, Diana and Bob too

Type your message here... You all are amazing! Congratulation will be exalted on you. I think what you are doing is the trip of a life time. So it rains there two.........humm just like Portland. The main difference you were dry in just a few minuets. Keep up the good work and raise your glass to the summit for me. Have fun and be safe. Love Judy

Judy - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa

As my mother would say, "WHOA". Bring on the summit! Hope today is a dry day, full of beauty and energy. We all love you and everyone I know in New York State is rooting for you. God Bless You

Elissa - 2/18/2012

For: Chris DeG.

We saw Bob at the Flurry, and found out that you're hiking Kilimanjaro. Wow! We hope it's a fabulous experience! Can't wait to hear about it once you're back.

Rebecca & Tony - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann

Art called from the runway heading home from playing with Sidney to say how frustrated he is his posts aren't posting.Thinks you don't know he is following your every move and the great updates and audio and is SO proud. I say of course you do! We DC couch potatoes are staggered by your strength as we follow the trail maps and photos. That wall/cliff y'all hopped over?! The summit challenge! May the Adventures never end and not hurt much.. Much love from here as well elsewhere!

Meg and Joel - 2/18/2012

For: Bob Amesq

Earth, Wind, and Fire - right now - you definitely have all three with you - and the last is Fire...go get the Sumit Dad - you can do's task...Reading the Kilimanjaro Book as well as helping Joe with some of his house tasks! We miss you and need to have dinner with you when you get back! I Love You! Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I hope you're doing well. Love ya!

Courtney - 2/18/2012

For: Marcia and Rick

Wow! You are terrific. We are all right there with you in thoughts . Sherwin and Morgee and Harv hanging out tog while Ed brings me to airport. Vic. Doing great. We are all cheering you on. Much love, kath

Kathy - 2/18/2012

For: Mary ann

Not sure my last two messages went through. At airport now. you have made the wall and plan to summit; I honestly tear up every time I think of it. I know I am with you,as you are with me. Make sure you and Marcia have a special hug for me. So much love and courage abounds. How amazing this all is. Much love, me and kids

Kath - 2/18/2012

For: rick, Marsha, andYusef and mohammed

YO, I hope you are taking good care of Marsha. I miss you Yusef and Mohammed and Hope for the best on summit. I cannto wait to hear your stories when you get back!!! HI to my brothers from africa. May the mountain gods be good to all!!

Steve French - 2/18/2012

For: All

Yay Barranco wall!!! Did you enjoy the Starbucks on the top?? I hope you had fun! I hope everyone is feeling well and that you are proud of what you are doing! It's an amazing thing! On summit night just keep in mind the delicious juice that they will give you when you get back down. So worth the hike! Rick you must be so thrilled to have Marcia with you! Hopefully she sticks with you after your mountain antics :-) Give our love to Yusef, Muhammed, rashidi and raziki! Just keep walking!

Sadie - 2/18/2012

For: Dara

Dara I hope the wall was even more fun this time. Drink lots of water! Glad to hear it is not as wet as last year. Be safe and strong you are amazing! To Everyone - it's seems to be going by so fast for you back here - pol'e pol'e enjoy every site!

Gin - 2/18/2012

For: gene

Sounds like fun!!! Glad to hear that everyone is hanging in there:) More pics!!! Big win this morning for the Lancers! 16-14 against Holy Savior! (and they are undefeated!!) Playoffs start tomorrow and they play St. Stans! ill make sure to update you as soon as the game is over!! The team says hello and that they miss you! I am so excited to hear all about the trip! Love you, miss you! Kisses from the kids!

jenny - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa

Lisa - Everyone really enjoys reading all the entries and about the groups progress. Really excited about the upcoming summit for you all! Mari in particular is having some great conversations with you Lisa, thanks to the post-operative drugs she is on, it is quite amusing I can assure you. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate we love you! Your Colorado Family!

Donnie & Mari - 2/18/2012

For: Jason

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a great time climbing the wall today! Its 10:35 in the AM here and I am about to begin my day as you get settled for the night. I hope that adjusting to the different altitudes is becoming easier for you. You guys are almost there! Keep pushing! Love you!

Chris and Pete - 2/18/2012

For: Peter & Christine

Jack Shea was thrilled at his shout-out from peak to satellite to Ballston Spa! We confess: Andrea and I are officially Kili Blog Stalkers. First thing in AM, last thing at PM, and about 1000 times in between we check PPS website for new posting from you Mountaineers &/or fellow followers, whom we are also becoming attached to. So keep reporting your who, where, what, when, how, why often. Words of the day: IN...OUT

XOXOC - 2/18/2012

For: Chris, Raiel, Clay, Katie & Derek

Happy to hear you are all hanging in there. You all must be so excited about making the summit. Raiel you must feel so fortunate to be sharing this undertaking with you brother. I'm sure you also feel the same sharing with Chris too. Enjoy and stay safe. Good luck to all of you. I did send you a post earlier, don't think it went through. Hope this does.

Mom (Stephanie) - 2/18/2012

For: Katie

Lots of giddy-ups! tail wag and smiles. It's fine if you only take a shower every five days. I' m making friends with small dogs...I let them walk under me..and I play with them.

Maddie - 2/18/2012

For: Dara

Just left a message and then the posting changed to today - so don't know if you got it or not. Nothing exciting. Just more good wishes from more people. Glad to know the wall is behind you - and that everyone is still hanging in there. Now it's up, up and away. Love you.

Us - 2/18/2012

For: Katie Derek & All happy to hear all are hoping to summit. Sounds like no shortage of weather...hope your gear is drying fast......hydrate, hydrate and then hydrate a bit more!

Lise & John - 2/18/2012

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