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Date: February 18, 2012
Location: Karanga camp. 13,300 ft. 50 degrees day, sunny, cloudy, thunderstorm

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For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Bob, Deni, Diana, Vicky and Chris

Type your message here...We are incredibly proud of you!Hang in there! Best of luck!

From? (maximum 255 chars)ADK Fans Tom and Donna - 2/19/2012

For: deni

Anxious to see all the great sights you will have to show us I'll bet you're glad you didn't listen to me - again Have a good trip down - BE CAREFUL Love

mom dad and all the family - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa

Posted 8:30am Sunday 19th. Hope the weather there is proving as inspirational as it is here this morning! Climbing in damp conditions, even when you have the right gear can be 'problematic', and sap motivation. Now is the time to be passing round those sweets to share among the team, (when energy levels can be low). You are so close now. Work together guys. Love you all, From Lisa's English Fan Club - 243.

Your England Fan Club... - 2/19/2012

For: Chris, Pete and all the Trekkers

Hello everybody! I stayed up till 1:00 AM so I could provide you all with a little early morning inspiration. "Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it." Ella Wheeler Wilcox You are almost there! Push on and push hard! Love you babe! P.S. Mistakenly put yesterday's message under my name! Duh!

Jason - 2/19/2012

For: Deirdre

Sorry I'm late to the checking in party so I will add my own WH...How will I know??? if you made the summit? And the greatest love of all is inside of Peggy I think, or maybe Rosh, or probably wait, it was Mom and that's why you're doing this...So proud (me and her) Love from LA and when you're back in range, Michael will read the Lorax to you too...

Maura - 2/19/2012

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Lisa and Marcia and all

Type your message here...Remember..."life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage!" May your world be ever expanding. Hope you get a star filled night on the mountain. Have lots of courage and faith - we are with you in spirit!!

From? (maximum 255 chars)Charmagne - 2/19/2012

For: Chris DeG

Sending ou a big hug for your final push to the summit using all 500 characters...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ha!!!!!!!

BobB - 2/19/2012

For: Chris and Vicki

George says "Why would anyone want to climb a mountain when they could dance at the Flurry?" Vicki and Bob say hi, we miss you, and have a geat trip.

Bob, George, and Vicki - 2/19/2012

For: Paul

I hope all is going well. I can't wait to see the pictures. Everyone at PT in Herkimer is real interested in what you are doing. They have been following the journey with all my visits there. I bring my phone and show them the blogs and audio clips. Love ya!

Sarah - 2/19/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Good morning! Here's a quote for the day: "The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have." - Norman Vincent Peale. Hope you are nice and warm in your sleeping bag. Indie and Schatzi sure miss it. Laney came over tonight and we talked for four hours over a couple of beers. It was great. She's staying tuned in to your climb. Mark called me tonight. We also caught up. You are just two days from the summit and I am so proud of you.

Lori - 2/19/2012

For: Deirdre

Di Dee, getting closer and closer to the summit with every step! We're sending you energizing thoughts and prayers to help you on your way and we are there with you in spirit. Love you. Two Kili climbers for a cause in the family sure makes us proud of you and Peg. Go Girl!

Dad & Bonnie - 2/19/2012

For: Mary Ann

We are more and more excited for you with each passing day. I cannot begin to imagine what you have experienced; however, I know how truly blessed you feel to be there and capture each passing moment. I don't think you received the message the animals sent yesterday, but I can assure you they love you & can't wait to see you. Kathy and I chatted this eve. and she said she felt much better. 31 degrees here and I think in the 60s in Calif. We are with you via the book and daily updates. Hug

Joy and all 2/18/12 - 2/18/2012

For: D

Greatest love of all? Yes that too.. But I was really singing I will always love you. Try to keep up peggles. I think she's muddying up the obvious with all this potter jabber.. xo babers

R - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann)

I am having a horrible time getting this to go through! Congratulations - what a thrill of a lifetime this must be. Today, Kilimanjaro, tomorrow - EVEREST! Be safe and can't wait to hear all about your adventure. Love, Mark and Jim

Mark and Jim - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann)

I am having a horrible time getting this to go through! Congratulations - what a thrill of a lifetime this must be. Today, Kilimanjaro, tomorrow - EVEREST! Be safe and can't wait to hear all about your adventure. Love, Mark and Jim

Mark and Jim - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann)

We've been thinking of you and can't imagine what a thrill of a lifetime this must be! Today, Kilimanjaro, tomorrow Everest! LOL! Lots of love, Mark and Jim

Mark/Jim - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann

Congratulations! We have been thinking of you. What a thrill of a lifetime to be on your adventure! Today this, tomorrow Mt. Everest! :) We are looking forward to Kathy arriving tonight. Sending you love, Mark and Jim

Mark and Jim - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann

Congratulations! We have been thinking of you. What a thrill of a lifetime to be on your adventure! Today this, tomorrow Mt. Everest! :) We are looking forward to Kathy arriving tonight. Sending you love, Mark and Jim

Mark and Jim - 2/18/2012



ART - 2/18/2012

For: mary ann

i'm sorry my writings have not produce the correect you climbed abbout 4 hours..i was with you all the way and so as sid and andie..i'm so proud of you, all he trining..i'm sure the reslt will be that of which we all hope and wish...had a great time in reading love you lots art

art - 2/18/2012

For: Peter & Christine

Sleep well tonight. If you get a chance and it's not too cold outside the tent, please take pictures of the night sky with campsite or horizon for perspective.

XOXOC - 2/18/2012

For: Paul H

we have been checking out the blogs and audio updates to see how and where you all are at this time. we hope that you are getting acclimated to the altitude and lack of oxygen and not feeling under (or would it be over)the weather. It sounds very exciting that you are almost to the top. we can't wait to see lots of photos and hear lots of stories when you get back..will keep you in our prayers for the rest of the trip.

Pam, Edwin & Lois - 2/18/2012

For: Marcia

Hey Marcia! We hope you're having a wonderful climb. It sounds amazing. We had breakfast today at the chit chat cafe w/ Pol, Nance, Peg and Jane. We talked about your adventure and we all hope you are well. Greet Rick and continued safe travels :-).

Nancy & Donna - 2/18/2012

For: Gene

Today I sat on the balcony and watched the dolphins swimming in the blue green waters of the Gulf. We are at 7 feet above sea level. Hard to imagine you at 13000 feet and still climbing. The pictures have been amazing. I know you don't care but Missouri won-they're 25 and 2. Hope you'll be watching them play in New Orleans the end of March. Take care.

Nana - 2/18/2012

For: Marcia

Here's wishing you a fantastic climb today/tomorrow and I hope the weather cooperates! Climbing the Wall sounds like it must have been quite a challenge and you did it!!!! At this point, there is nothing you can't do and what a feeling that must be. I am very glad to hear that everyone is expected to summit on Monday, big KUDOS to ALL! Stay warm, stay strong. I forgot to include in yesterday's post that Renee said she loves you and misses you a lot. You are almost there!!

Leanne - 2/18/2012

For: Dad (Peter) and Christine

Can't believe that you are almost to the top. Great job so far, stay warm, and be strong. On summit day it might help to break things down into small milestones (get to the next big boulder or tree) in order to reach the big milestone (the highest point in Africa)! Can't wait to see pics.

Andrew, Beth, and Thomas - 2/18/2012

For: Paul H

I hope you are fine. Was waiting for today's update. Just talked to Sarah. She is fine and will be here on Monday and Tuesday.. Too bad you won't get to see her. Two days to the top of the "little" hill. Good luck and I love you. Hugs.

Jane - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa

LISA!!!!! This is getting so exciting! You are so close now. Hope you are feeling good and those little feet are still scurrying around the rocks. just imagine two litte white puffs of fur pulling you up to the summit. I hope you guys have as much fun getting these messages as we do reading them. Aren't you proud of us, we've been very good and haven't sent anything too embarrassing....yet. We still have time. Best wishes to everyone!! 243

your England fan club - 2/18/2012

For: D

So now rosh got greatest love of all in my head. But it is happening to meeeee - I found the greatest love of all inside of me. But for serious, top of the barranco wall, so amazing! the greatest love should be inside of you sister. But more important... Potter. I think all harry has for you today is to remind you as you push through and don't shut down, to look for the pheonix because of course, it sheds tears of healing. Love!

Peggy - 2/18/2012

For: Deirdre

We can't wait to hear your fabulous stories as we celebrate your journey.. Yay! date! we're excited... Thinking of you always.. But especially as nj is so on every channel broadcasting Whitney's funeral.. If I should stay..... I just think the lyrics should be stuck in your heads as it is all of ours.. Much loveeeeee! Seriously summit? So proud;)

Roisin Colin Delaney TH - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Herb called today to wish you all the best Lee. He was so sorry to think he had missed sending you off with good wished. I told him that next Sunday I'm gong to have a few people over to see you, and he wants to come! Isn't that just so cool--at 97 years old and he's calling to wish you all the best and wants to come party! He read the article about you in the paper and was so impressed. Make it to the top for Herb! (I swear I think he could make it.) 143

Herb Ouzer via Lori - 2/18/2012

For: Dee

I showed the boys some pictures of Barranco Wall today (thank you, Google images) and they're pretty impressed with what you're climbing. Of course, they were looking for YOU in the pics... I've even changed my desktop background to a stunning picture of Kili so I can do my small part in supporting you. Keep climbing--you're nearly to the top! I talked to Michael and Maura last night, and they send their best. Michael was "reading" The Lorax, so I thought "Oh, the places you'll g

Kathy - 2/18/2012

For: Lee / Lisa

Just googled pictures of the 'Baranca' wall, looks like a tough scramble guys, hope you all made it. One foot step at a time! Live the experience Lisa, (I could not do what you are doing right now, experiences to remember / reflect on for a life time. Make it all count. Love and positive vibes. '243'! Paul & Larry x x PS We think you are all just GREAT for being there.

The English Fan Club - 2/18/2012

For: D & Gene

Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes. Come on and come to me now. Don't be ashamed to cry. Let me see you through, cause I've seen the dark side too. When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do, Nothin' you confess, could make me love you less...I'll stand by you. I'll stand by you. Won't let nobody hurt you. I'll stand by you. // When you're standing at the crossroads and don't know which path to choose...Let me come along, cause even if you're wrong, I'll stand by you. :)

DMB (imagine that I'm singing -- or that you're singing) - 2/18/2012

For: Crew from VT

So magical to get an audio. Rock scrambling......I know you guys are all over that. Press on....we are so cheering you on.

Lise & John - 2/18/2012

For: gene derkack

We are relaxing catching up at on tv for our anniversary eating some food warm and cozy. Tough day. How are you doing day. We are very proud of you. Good luck

distasio's - 2/18/2012

For: Nancy Stock

Good luck on your bid for the summit!! I haven't heard of any one being carried down off the mountain, so that is good. Ava sends you big hug and kiss and me too! Bill

Bill - 2/18/2012

For: Gene

Former New York Mets catcher Gary Carter passed away. Last night the Empire State building was lit up in orange and blue. Getting ready for my Missouri basketball game on ESPN.

Boba - 2/18/2012

For: Bill from Bainbridge

Congratulation you"re almost to the top!!!!We are all so proud of you not that we thought for a moment you wouldn't make it.I hope it is everything you dreamed it would be and more.We are all doing good. Willy has been great.Love always Dawn PS Your Mom has been calling so I have been giving her updates.I think she nervous but its all good

Dawn - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Hey Lee Lee, your Mom and I talked today and hope that you are doing OK. Remember Laney's advice--listen to your body and listen to Rick. We love you so much. You know that it's killing us both that we can't talk with you but we are talking every day. Hugs hugs hugs. 143

Lori and Mom - 2/18/2012

For: Deni

You're almost there,on Monday you will be at the top.Be sure to take pictures.As usual,everything here is fine and I love and miss you.Be careful.... LOve Roger

Roger - 2/18/2012

For: Christine and Peter

I was nervous this morning when nothing was posted at 8, so glad to receive it just now. Hope all is going well. Love you guys. Very proud of both of you. Enjoy the day. All my love

The Non - 2/18/2012

For: To? (vicki

Type your message here...Your almost there! I am with you with your steps. I know it is beautiful there as I follow you up the Mountain. Keep yourself hydrated and warm. Hugs and kises. Love Rod Shawn Alicia and the boys are on there way to Ashville today.Clarice sends her best.

From?Rod - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Almost there Lee Lee. We're all tuned in a waiting to hear how beautiful the summit is. Remember, relax and enjoy. 143

Lori - 2/18/2012

For: Diana

Big event soon! Summit!! Good luck! Hard to believe it is a week already. Seems like forever. Snowed here a little bit last night this weekend will be cool here 30 ish, but not bad. Colby was with the Hebert clan last night, Court was with Sam, so Cam and I went out to dinner and a movie..Edith sent an email, they are cleaning for you and are very excited for you to be there. Have fun, hope you can take time to really take in your surroundings! Love you Bob

Bob - 2/18/2012

For: lisa

Glad you made the wall!!! Sure hope you are not one of the ones "down in the tent" Good news from Tony and Michele!!!! They are expecting. love mom and dad

mom and dad - 2/18/2012

For: Nancy

Wow, almost to summit night/day. Boston is sunny and 30 degrees. I continue to be amazed that you are doing this! I am really enjoying following along. I briefly heard your voice in the background on one of the audio posts. Be strong, we are rooting for all of you to make the summit!

Colleen - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann)

I don't think my last message went through, but you made the wall???!!! I am SOOOOO proud of you. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Amazing. What courage. I DO know. Morgee and Harvey, and Wilkie (Morg's lumbering up the stairs right now!) send our love. We are with you every step, I assure you. I don't know if you are one who's "down in the tent" but feel our hugs.

Kath - 2/18/2012

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