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Date: February 17, 2012
Location: Barranco Camp, 12,800

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For: Bob A.

Hey there! Just figured out how to get onto the hiking blog and find it very cool! I'm thinkin' of your progress every day and have told lots of people about your trek, and keeping up with Sue doing her RN bit 'down below'. What a blessing you both are, by tackling this endeavor. Lookin' forward greatly to hearing all about it in our volunteer week in the San Juan islands this June!! --Joan

AHS leader Joan - 2/18/2012

For: Dee

"Dr Livingstone, I presume." In the 1860s After several years missing in Africa, only 1 of Scottish medical missionary David Livingstone's 44 letters made it to the outside world. Sent by the NY Herald, it took H M Stanley 2 yrs to find him and thus the famous tounge-in-cheek greeting. Point is the pretty much instant communication we have with you and our ability to cheer you on as you climb, as we are at this very moment, is mind boggling!

Cindy Ashley & Preston - 2/18/2012

For: Dara

Just got home from exercising - I really didn't want to go, but knowing what you were doing I didn't have the nerve not to go. Everyone was impressed with what your climb and they send good thought and best wishes for success. It was interesting to hear complaints about various exercises cease in light of what you and your fellow climbers are experiencing. Was nice to hear your name mentioned at the lunch time recording yesterday - yell "Hi" next time. Keep on keeping on. Love you.

Us - 2/18/2012

For: Paul H

Just 5 more days until I can hug and kiss you and here about your adventures. Can hardly wait. Sarah, Pat, and Sharon check on me most every day. Things are going well here and the postcards have kept me busy from morning to night. Luv and hugs, Jane

Jane - 2/18/2012

For: Gene

Hope all is well with you. Read that the oldest person to climb the mountain was 84. Guess there's still time for us. Seriously, we're very proud of you and your accomplishments. Take care.

Sue(aka Nana) - 2/18/2012

For: Mary Ann

So want to know how you are. Hard to know tone to use in notes since I don't know how you are doing. Mom said Meggie great. Kids all good here. Tell Marcia I checked on Victor, and they are loving him there. Leave for Long Beach today. Think in the 60s there. I'm feeling better. Head good. Missing you, and all I can do is hope you are hanging in and able to enjoy and relish. Love, Kath

Kath - 2/18/2012

For: Bob

Hi Bob, we haven't heard from you for awhile. How's it going? All the best for the rest of your adventure!

Jim & Mary Jane - 2/18/2012

For: Marcia,Lisa,Diana,Bob,Deirde,Paul,Gene and Peter

You are raising the bar even higher as your fund raising keeps going up just like you are going to the summit. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Remember it's not the altitude it's the ATTITUDE!!!

Tomaste - 2/18/2012

For: PART 2

... Ooops forgot the 250 limit thing!(Thus the Haiku!) You are in Great hands! kwa bahati nzuri! keith d :-)

Keith Davidson (ACS Capital,NY) - 2/18/2012

For: Gene,Deirdre,Rick, Yusuf and ALL JOI '12 ers

Jambo All! Belated Happy Birthday to You Rick and my Best to Yusuf and his incredible crew...Gene and Deirdre( How are your boots),Just 22 days ago we were sitting at Desmond awaiting this climb: Very exciting when it goes from abstract to reality! Congrats! Altitude sounds as If You've cleared Barranco Wall ( Still can't find THAT it my Travel Literature RICK!), That's OK, We all made it! Wish I was there doin' a bit of my Haiku... ENJOY and BEST of Luck over next 4,500' or so. You are in GR

Keith Davidson (ACS Capital,NY) - 2/18/2012

For: Lisa

Lisa, I remember sitting at your kitchen table and pondering this wonderful experience. Aren't you glad you DID it? You'll be able to close your eyes and be able to see you at the TOP OF THE WORLD!! How exciting!! They aare doing the marathon this week end so maybe that will be next!! My Love, A.P.

Aunt Patty - 2/18/2012

For: Vicky

WOW - You're actually on the mountain and well up it. Even two weeks ago, this was a distant dream! You're seeing some amazing sights on your way up. Nice to hear your name mentioned in the audio post; I could see you sitting at the table - could see you enjoying the singing and dancing too. From the earlier posts, it sounds like your next climbing will be really an amazing challenge. By the time you hear this, you will have conquered all of them. ENJOY!!

Ellen G - 2/18/2012

For: Bob and others

I am having a hard time accessing your audio messages so am following the written messages. Another awesome day for Heide and me. You are saying pole, pole over and over and I am saying Oh my god, over and over as we see the sites. We are on sensory overload at the end of each day. Went to FAME yesterday for a tour plus Malicky and his wife to their baby to see the doctor so we got to see treatment. To the orphanage today. Hope you are all doing well or if not well, hanging in there!!!

Sue - 2/18/2012

For: Deirdre

.Hi D! "I believe the children are the future"... Ok... So I think of you as such a kid still but you're sooo climbing Mount K! Could not be more proud ... Seriously. Love! JCG

Jenny G - 2/17/2012

For: Dad (Peter) and Christine

Hope you are both feeling strong and that the hike is bringing back memories of the old Indian Princesses days. Dad it was good to hear your message, Beth played it for Thomas and he said "hi grandpa" :)

Andrew - 2/17/2012

For: D

Why's this gotta be all tricky? Sorry for the prev unedited to from. I blame the iPad. It frequently messes with me. MISS you

R - 2/17/2012

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)D and G

Type your message here...Lovebug!!! I can't believe I needed bern to walk me through message sending... so sorry!!!!! Colin and I couldn't figure it out. We have been thinking of you every second and bragging about you to everyone who's crossed our path..You guys are amazing and a true inspiration to all that hear your tale. Just keep swimming xoxoxo wish I could hear what you were listening to... Can't wait for your welcome home toasts..I'm right there with you Moore fam!!Love love love you

From? (maximum 255 chars)Rosh - 2/17/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

I brought up the pictures of you in the sleeping bag with all the dogs on you. It's so funny! Tommy Wright from church stopped me a work. He's thinking of you and is so excited for you. Still lots and lots of Facebook wishes coming your way. I hope this is everything you hoped for. So happy for you. Indie misses you. So does Schatzi. So does Sambucca. So do I. 143.

Lori - 2/17/2012

For: Big Brother Peter & Christine

A wise nun from the Sound of Music once said" Climb every mountain... until you find your dream. Hoping you both are resting, and having the dream of a lifetime. Can't wait to enjoy stories and photos. Peter, thanks for the shout out.You both are amazing. Christine hows the yummy food? Tim says, Siena won, great game, amazing 3 pointer. Miss you. xoxoxo Mary & Tim

Mary and Tim - 2/17/2012

For: Lisa

(You may be getting / not getting all our messages! We have gremlins). Anyhow, we are glued to your progress reviews, and keep checking in, every few hours. Positive vibes are coming from us, (and tons of other people for you and all the team / staff / everyone involved). One (foot) step at a time, clean underwear is always a good idea........if you can. lol. Paul & Larry x

'From Your England Fan Club' - 2/17/2012

For: D & Gene

TGIF (well, after F for you guys now, probably...) Long weekend coming up. It's been a good week here. We miss you guys, but are inspired by your fundraising and your climbing! Keep up the awesome work! Say hi to the monkeys for me.

DMB - 2/17/2012

For: Deni

Woooohoooo! Barranco was an awesome day for us and I hope you enjoyed it too - and of course that you have a fine time on the rest of the trip and get some great views. Pole pole, y'all.

Victoria and PJ - 2/17/2012

For: Paul

You just went over the $6,000 mark thanks to the Dansville Firemen who sent a check for $100.00. I was so happy I danced around with the check. Only 6 days and you will be at home and back to the same old stuff. Roger and Marsha got their new roof today. It looks good. I talked to Sarah and there is big news about her mother that you wo't believe. Luv you bunches.

Jane - 2/17/2012

For: Rick

I hope you are doing well - and I hope my Dad is okay - is he doing okay - not pushing himself too hard...I worry about him whether or not he realizes it - thinking of him everyday - it's scary to be continents apart without confirmation that he's alive and well - Dad if you get this try to say hi on the next audio blog. Hope you're not sick. And, if you are - relax and you can do it! We're routing for you!

Courtney Ames - 2/17/2012

For: Marcia

I spoke with Renee this afternoon and she wanted me to tell you she hopes you are 'doing well and are not vomiting or having diarrhea'. Her words, not mine! I asked her to help encourage more people to donate to raise more funds and she said she certainly will. Hope you are not too cold and are gaining stength from day to day. I look at the mountain on Google Maps and what's ahead of you looks so very steep, almost vertical. But I know you will reach the top on Monday and will feel exhilarated.

Leanne - 2/17/2012

For: Bob Ames

Hi, Bob! Thanks for your email and I replied to you before I realized you already left for the Kili! I also wanted to thank you for your sweet "thank-you" note that you sent to my mother's house. How are you doing on your climb so far? I try to check your daily blogs as often as I can. Take care! Enjoy every moment no matter what! Warm regards, Kathleen :)

Kathleen Moran Doskos - 2/17/2012

For: Deirdre

Deirdre: I have watched the progress daily and am SO very excited for you and the rest of the gang. While I am not quite up to speed on movie quotes (like Peggy seems to be) I still wanted to check in and let you know that I am proud of all the hard work you are doing on behalf of all people fighting cancer. Continue onward and upward. You are a fantastic woman and I look forward to hearing all about the trek.

Melissa- an old Fordham friend of Peggy's - 2/17/2012

For: Katie and Derek

We are closely, following your progress with great excitment and pride. Douglas says " keep your toes warm " ( : Love you, Heather and Douglas

Heather and Douglas - 2/17/2012

For: Mary Ann and Marcia

It's FRIDAY! You are all amazing, though I don't know specifically about how you two are; I wish I did! The pix sent today was wonderful. Sounds like this is a big day. I'm feeling better, actually slept last night for the first time in 12 days. So many people asking about you and keeping track of you. Love you, Me and all the kids

Kath - 2/17/2012

For: Katie

Spring has sprung in Vermont. Birds are singing. We are all (Lori) is excited to learn the Swahili dance. It is not about the destination, rather the journey along the way. Quote for the day..."Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us." Samuel Smiles

HCM Fab 5 - 2/17/2012

For: Hey, Dee!

How's it going? It's so exciting to be following your adventures and knowing what great things you're doing. I'm here at our Rectory about to start working on the scrip program, and everyone sends you their good wishes. Fr. Mike asked me when I'm going to climb a mountain--as if raising 5 boys wasn't mountain enough for me! Keep up the good work. I love you and send you big hugs!

Kathy - 2/17/2012

For: Deirdre

Almost there! Just two and a half more days and then it's all down hill and off on a safari. I spoke to Bonnie's friend Gailanne, who has cancer, and she is so inspired with what you are all doing. You are all AWESOME! Enjoy the rest of the journey. Be safe. Love you.

Dad & Bonnie - 2/17/2012

For: Deni

Hi Deni, I hope you're having an awesome adventure! We're looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing lots of pictures. I'm sure you'll have some great stories! Love, Susie

Susie - 2/17/2012

For: Chris DeG

Hope you were in on the singing with the porters - write down the words, you might want to remember them. The dance here went extremely well last night. I'm off to the flurry tomorrow and be back for the eve of your summit day. Wishing you good health, strength and lots of warmth.

BobB - 2/17/2012

For: Christine

Keep up the good work Christine. Hope the altitude is not too hard. Had baby Casalino here today - so cute!! See you upon your return.

Liz - 2/17/2012


Are you still out there. Hope you all doing good. Still try to get to see ya but no luck yet. Keep it up!! I Love you for what you doing and can't wait to see you. The weather in South Africa is "hot summer" baby!!! Love ya Edie

EDITH AND FAMILY - 2/17/2012

For: D

Ok climbers think if I remember right you are tackling barranco wall first thing tomorrow and then on to the lava tower - think it was one of my favorites, for the challenge (chaaallenge!), the view, for everything. I know you will love it. But of course, you need a spell for the day, so I give you expelliarmus! So you can disarm the mountain and the wall because it has no power over you (you have no power over me... Sorry D, new movie there). Miss you!

Peggy - 2/17/2012

For: Nancy

Good job Mom!

Jonathan - 2/17/2012

For: Kili Climbers

Not sure if you are reading this before or after the WALL. If you are reading this before --- don't worry it is not that bad. If you are reading this after you climbed, HOLY CRAP can you believe what you just did! Thinking and praying for all of you.

KiliKaren - 2/17/2012

For: Marcia & Mary Ann

Great article in D&C; worrying and watching your progress; proud of you

Gaye - 2/17/2012

For: Deirdre

I'm super excited to hear all about your awesome adventures...keep up the great climbing and don't forget to stop and look around once in a while -- just make sure that the person behind you knows that you are stopping :) Looking forward to keeping track of your journey!!

Sarah - 2/17/2012

For: Lisa, Dara, Marcia, Rick and ALL you terrific climbers

What a thrill to hear and see you! By now, you are probably past the queezies and headaches, and are just COLD. (At least, I was...) Remember me to Yusuf and Mohammed Metronome. (Remind Yusuf of his visit to our Adirondack lair. We loved climbing with him HERE!) Rick and Marcia, hope you're having fun finally being together on this mountain! Lisa and Dara, what pluck! You guys are ALL fantastic. I'm following you, every chance I get. Remember, you'll have bragging rights for a lifetime!!

Kili Phyl of 2009 (Marty too) - 2/17/2012

For: Bob Ames

Bob and the rest of the crew: Jambo! Ipo whapi! Habari? It's been great to get the reports about your progress. How have the guides been treating you? Do you have tingly fingers yet? Keep up that slow, methodical plodding and stay hydrated, and you'll be at the top soon! It's good to read that the weather has been good over there. At home it's sunny and 32, and virtually all the snow is gone again. Hakuna matada!

Randy - 2/17/2012

For: Lisa

Sorry we are late to your journey - however - we have definitely been thinking about you and keep your itinerary close by. We have awe and respect for you and your climb. Enjoy! Laugh! Live in the wonderment of the beauty around you.

John and Laura - 2/17/2012

For: Gene

Hey Gene I am amazed by you and everyone else there! What you are all doing is amazing! I can't wait to hear about your trip and see the pics! You are an inspiration to me and show me that you really can do anything if you push yourself and believe in yourself! I believe in you and are so proud of you! :)

Kristina - 2/17/2012

For: To? (Vicki

Type your message here...Your doing great.Iwas hapy to hear you named mentiioned at the tableI was at Judy and Gibs last night and they send you their best.I am fallowing you thrugh pictures of Kili and sites you have been. Keep it up. Love Rod

From?Rod - 2/17/2012

For: Pete and Lisa (Lee)

Pete, thanks for such a great account. You should be a CNN reporter! Lee, I see you're hanging close to cameras, recorders and food.Good girl! Did you read from Rik that you surpassed your goal of $5000 for the CFS group!!!!!! Wow. A few local updates for you--it's very sunny here today. The windows are all open and we are going for a walk soon. The garbage cans next door all suddenly disappeared and the house two doors up went up for sale. Also, I thought I saw some pig flying around;-) 143

Lori - 2/17/2012

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