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Date: February 15, 2012
Location: Shira 1 camp

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For: Deirdre

One foot in front of the other and push are inspiring and doing great things, never forget that! Lots of love from sunny LA LA land. We're keeping you and all your fellow climbers in our prayers. Take care of each other. Love you!

Maura - 2/19/2012

For: Vicki

Wow! - we can't believe what a great adventure you're having! What a strong girl you are!!! Hope to hear of your adventure & see pictures when you return. Say to Rick too!

Carol & Cobb - 2/16/2012

For: Chris and the rest of the team

Chris, we are all thinking of you as you make the climb (and we're envious, too!). We are all behind you! Val and all

Miner library - 2/16/2012

For: To? VICKI

Type your message here...I'm happy to hear you progress up the mountain. I have been following your progress and e-mailed the boy's on your progress. Keep up and stay warm. Your the best. Thinking of you. Love Rod

From? Rod - 2/16/2012

For: Lisa

I'm so proud of you for going for your dream. Hope the climb is going well. Your training partners, Indie and Shutze, keep asking why they didn't get to go to Africa too. They were ready for the adventure. Michelle and I will take them on a local "Africa hike". Can't wait to hear your stories.

Phyl - 2/16/2012

For: Lisa

Morning Lee, Get out there and kick ass today! How are those muscles doing, is all the training with the dogs paying off? Our thoughts are with you and all your team. God speed. Love, Paul & Larry

Paul - England - 2/16/2012

For: bob

All is well here. Doing and seeing a lot of interesting things. Actually, more than interesting - amazing and unbelievable. Saw 4 zebras and 5 giraffes and Maasai along the road driving to Karatu. Hope you are having a great time. This is the first time I've been on the Internet.

sue - 2/16/2012

For: Diana & Deni,

.Good Afternoon We're so happy that you have a great group to share this AWESOME ADVENTURE WITH .Be well and strong..Our htoughts and prayers are with you every step of your journey, much love, mom & Tee ..

Mom & Tee) - 2/16/2012

For: Gene



For: kili Climbers 2012

You're in for one hell of an adventure! Keep moving forward and keep up the positive energy. You're in great hands and you'll meet some wonderful people along the way. Times will get tough and you'll realize deep down inside that you are much tougher than that "little" mountain you see off in the distance. Enjoy it and take lots of pictures becuase believe it or goes by way too fast. PS - there's a special angel watching over you. My sister Jacquie will keep all of you saf

TJ Hirsch - 2/15/2012

For: Chris & Raiel

We are so excited for all of you. Enjoy, be safe. Chris, do you believe I figured out how to do this? I love reading the entries. Can't wait to see all your pictures. Love you. Mom

Mom - 2/15/2012

For: Katie

Wooooof & tail wag. Doing fine, meeting new friends at the kennel .

Maddie - 2/15/2012

For: paul

following your exciting journey daily! Enjoy every minute - even the tough ones!!! You only go round once in this life!!!What a wonderful adventure! Soak it all in. Be Safe!

canoelite - peg - 2/15/2012


Day three coming up, so on with the climb - C for your courage, L for love from all of us, I for the inspiration you are, M for morning at the summit, B for the beauty of it all. CLIMB! We are thinking of you constantly, and mentally encouraging you in thoughts and prayers. Good luck and God speed to you and all your fellow climbers.

Us - 2/15/2012

For: To? Vicky

Vicky, It is so exciting to look at the map and know you're really there and on your way!! I can only begin to imagine how it must feel to realy be on your way up!! Looking forward to more reports. Hugs from Ellen G

From? Ellen G - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa

Enjoy the climb and be present in every moment during this breathtaking, life changing experience, wish I was with you.

Bernice - 2/15/2012

For: Deirdre and Gene

Before I board my flight - I wanted to ask that when you get to the summit, please do me a BIG favor and scream the following at the top of your lungs: "HELEN!". Thanks

JB - 2/15/2012

For: Deirdre

Can't wait to see your pictures. Try and get a shot of the Kilimanjaro Yeti if you can. I understand they are huge and hairy, but not to worry they are not at all aggressive and sightings are mostly on the opposite side of the mountain from where you are. On the more serious side, you write with such feeling and sincereity, wouldn't be surprised if there's a book in there somewhere from this experience. I hope you won't be embarrassed if I say here that the Cancer Society is lucky to have you.

Cindy, Ashley & Preston - 2/15/2012

For: Mary Ann

We join Art in cheering you and your (really!) stubborn courage; we are vicariously imagining the glory of the view, and the joy of the team! The satellite link is TERRIFIC! Stay strong!

Meg and Joel - 2/15/2012

For: Gene

Good Luck on Day 3. Can't wait to hear all about the climb.

Nana and Boba - 2/15/2012

For: Chris, Raiel, Clay, Derek, Katie

Hey guys! Thinking about you lots while you're on this amazing journey! Hope everyone is doing well!

Krissy - 2/15/2012

For: Christine

Hi Christine - it's your parents 65th wedding anniversary today - amazing! Stack up a few stones for them or hike for your dad today! We will all celebrate in July! Love, Mary Lee

Mary Lee - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa

Type your message here... Hey did you get the roses we had heli-dropped to you? :-) Hope you are having the time of your life, I can just see your face taking it all in. And it will still be on your face when you tell us all about it!! You are an amazing person and I imagine you are with a group of similarly amazing types. Enjoy every minute guys! Much love.

your England fan club - 2/15/2012

For: The Burlington Crowd

We'll miss you guys at Maglianero tomorrow night! Don't worry, we'll save some pain for when you get back! Have fun and be safe, thinking of all of you...

Matt - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa

Lee, I am thinking of you as I have one hour before surgery. Aunt Patty and Oma are right about you being a bird cause you fly so high in everything you do. I am thinking about you going into the death zone and I know you are strong. Don't worry cause between all of us here we have that all covered for you so you can enjoy the sights and take notes for yours stories, maybe some pictures and come home safe and uncontrollably happy. I love you

Mari - 2/15/2012

For: C-Lo and her Daddy

Thinking about you as we head out to lunch today on campus. Thanks for the updates and we hope you are "hanging in there" and "running like hell." Love, US

The gang - 2/15/2012

For: All

I wanted you all to know what I saw in a vision when I plugged into you all this morning... you are all hiking along with a red carpet under your feet. I know you can't see it in the earthly scence but I can on this energy level. It dosen't matter how far up walk or climb, the red carpet of royality has been there for a long time and it dosen't matter how far you climb on this trip, the carpet is not going to go away for the rest of your lives. Thank you all for touching my life. Mari

Lisa's sister Mari - 2/15/2012

For: Deirdre

Hope that you have had a great day 2 on the mountain. With the time difference I assume that you are now settled down for the night. Have a wonderful day 3. Everyone sending good thoughts and prayers your way. You are the greatest. Way to go Dee!

Dad & Bonnie - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa

What an amazing adventure and testament of your spirit. Savour every moment as you drink this experience! You have a tremendous amount of love and support so live large and stay on-sight to the summit!

Donnie - 2/15/2012

For: Group

Can you tell us how far up the mountain you are, what the weather is like etc. in your daily update? We all want lots more information.

Jane - 2/15/2012

For: Paul

Thank you for the birthday wish on the audeo. Sarah and I hope you are having a wonderful time and that the trip is better than any expectation you had of it. Stay well and get plenty of sleep. 8 more days and you will be home. Billy Martin came and looked at the roof again. He is going to put a new ridge vent on the office wing. Luv you and miss you, honey. Jane

Jane - 2/15/2012


Kids are excited that you saw monkeys!!:) Jordan got a 100 on this Science test, so he was very excited to tell you. It must be almost bed time for you. Enjoy Day 3! Love you! Cant wait for more posts:)

Jenny - 2/15/2012

For: To? (Vicki

Type your message here...Your on your way up now! You are my bright shinning star. I am thinking of you as you climb, Huggs from all. Love Rod

From? Rod - 2/15/2012

For: 802 Crew

Have fun guys!

The Huff - 2/15/2012

For: Everyone

Greetings all! I hope you're enjoying day 2 ,it's one of the most beautiful hiking days - and day 3 is even better, shorter and mostly flat! This is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, and I can't wait to hear all about it after you summit and return home. I wish you all the best! DARA YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! I wish I had a breakfast hot dog right now, and watch out for the mountain hippos! :)

Nicky, Kili '10er - 2/15/2012

For: Diana

Diana, Have a great Day! Enjoy Yourself. Things are going good here. Love Bob

Bob - 2/15/2012

For: Mary Ann

Hope the walking isn't too difficult...a little worried for you, after the last post. Hope you and Marcia get an audio! You are terrific. Sounds like the sights are wonderful. Take in all that you CAN; that's what it's about. With you all the way, every step. Love to Marcia. Give each other a big hug for me to each of you. Love you, Kath

Kath - 2/15/2012

For: For Lisa and All

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. -Harriet Tubman

Lori - 2/15/2012

For: Bob, Rick & the rest of the team

Way to go, everyone! I summited Kili on the Rongai route with Yusuf and Climbing for Christ 11 months ago today, and I wish I could be there with you all to do it again. Bob & Rick, I'm anxious to hear the stories and see the pictures from this route. I'm praying for your safety, health and success!

Randy - 2/15/2012

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