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Date: February 14, 2012
Location: Leo Mosho, Big Tree Camp

It is here. we are hiking. Kili showed itself in grand fashion when we awoke. It is a bit intimidating. 3 miles above the hotel there is a bit of snow from a storm there last night. Now we are on the mountain after so much anticipation. It is good. All are well. 5 hours of hiking brought us to a camp in big trees.

What a way to celebrate Valentines Day

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For: Marcia

5 star visit to jtown. hope you having a blast. miss and luv u . Hi to Rick

Pol - 2/17/2012

For: Paul

I am really missing you. Joe and Pat and Sarah are coming here on Monday. That will be good. Luv you bushels and bushels. Stay warm and stay well and remember that you CAN DO THIS HIKE.I have all the confidence in the world in you. Luv you more!

Jane - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa

So you saw snow on the Mt. today!! Hope it doesn't snow when you all are on the climb up. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Some people wait too long but you did it just right. I grow prouder of you each day.

Aunt Patty - 2/15/2012


HI Gene, Hope you're ok. You know how I worry, so take very good care of yourself. Have fun and wish everyone the best. Have a wonderful time. Love You and Miss You XXXOOO Mom

Your Mama - 2/15/2012

For: Dee

Hi Dee! I'm proud to say that I beat A-Hole in posting a message to you! What a riot! I am rooty-toot-tooting for you that you're climb is going well. I'm sure you are fine. How's the popcorn? Are the stars so bright and big that you can reach out and touch them? Be well. Love you!

Mom Moore - 2/15/2012

For: D & Gene

Good luck today and I can't wait to SEE how you guys are doing!!! I just sent you both an e-mail and you officially have the best out of office in the history of e-mail: "I am in Africa..."

Eddie - 2/15/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Please tell me the camera is working...can't wait to see the pics. 143

Lori - 2/15/2012

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