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Date: September 14
Location: Khatmandu, Nepal

As you can tell by this picture we are joined by some holy men on our quest for enlightenment. Wonderful day of experiencing sacred sites of the valley. We climbed hundreds of steps to an ancient temple nicknamed the monkey temple that over looks the valley. It is a Hindu celebration this week so some special shrines were opened in Durbar Square. There were several cremations happening we witnessed across the river at the most sacred of sites in Nepal called Pashnapati. Here both Hindu and Buddhist send the ashes down the river to join the mother river, the Ganges.

The day ended by us sharing dinner in the home of our friend Kathy and her lovely daughter Cecile. We fly to Tibet on Thursday.

Our next post will be Friday.

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For: joanna

Am following your footsteps on the map with admiration and envy. I hope your feet are performing well. I expect you dream of soft slippers! I look forward to hearing a report from the horse's mouth. love Benedict

benedict - 9/15/2011

For: Joanna

Hope you are all well and enjoying the incredible altitude without too much tachycardia :). Things are cool (high 50s F) and wet here, with rapidly moving clouds about 10,000 feet further away than where you are. I've taken the day off to vegetate. We've got tickets for the Inside Downtown tour and the Eastman Ranlett string series. Plants still alive as best I can tell :). Love, Neil

Neil - 9/15/2011

For: Gaylinn

Hi Gaylinn. You look fabulous from the photo on the site.It is wonderful seeing the updates here. I miss your shining spirit here in our fair city and am so glad you're able to experience life on a different plane and frequency. Wow! I just got back from Denver. Will keep watching updates---can't wait to see you when you get back. Love, Sunny

Sunny - 9/15/2011

For: Kate

Hi lovey, everyone in Roc wants to know how your trip is going. I tell them it's an adventure of a lifetime. Each blog is filled with fabulous images. I know you are having a wonderful time. Alls well home. Mo's the same. No change. Sammy is an world class imp. He now brings home a stash of acorns and hides them near the back door. Cold and wet today. Love and miss you. Bruce

Bruce - 9/15/2011

For: Dayle

Demolition almost done in front room, and window wells cleaned out. 6 dumpsters plus many bundles of wood. (karma?) Will get the electrical system cleaned up, probably tomorrow. Josiah Modes' father asked to rent the cottage during the time we planned to stay there. Referred him to Linda.

Rick - 9/15/2011

For: Katy

Still following your looks amazing. We are in Florida today. Drove 12 hours yesterday to get here. Moving stuff out of the condo to consign to make room for my other stuff. My life is full of stuff...hope your life and adventure is quiet and serene. Time to let go of all the stuff that surrounds us. Be safe. Love, Connie

Connie - 9/14/2011

For: Kate

Hi mom. I think you're flying to Tibet at the moment (or soon) so I hope you have a safe trip! I love and miss you! Rachel

Rachel - 9/14/2011

For: ToJoanna

You are obviously having a brilliant time just got your email today. Look forward to hearing all about it,will skye when you are back. It looks fantastic,I'm dead jealous!!! Much love janet

From?Janet - 9/14/2011

For: Dayle

Just love checking in every day and seeing where you are on this amazing, wonderful, spiritual journey. Do hope you are taking lots of pictures. Wish I was on the trip. So much to see and take in. Thinking of you every day! lol, Sandee

Sandee - 9/14/2011

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