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Date: September 13
Location: Khatmandu, Nepal

As you can tell from the picture we are in a place called Bouddanath. Our hotel is right near a giant stupa. This picture is from the roof of the hotel. Last night when we arrived hundreds of people walking in circles around the stupa. The ride here was held up by a road blockage where trucks were stopped for miles. They let tourists through, so after we walked past the trucks to wait while eating lunch, they let us through. You will have to ask us more when you see us.

Today is visiting famous places here such as the monkey temple and the cremation temple. Tonight we go have dinner with our friend Kathy who lives in town. Thanks for your posts.

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For: Peter G

Hope you are having a great time! You run circles around 20 year olds. Unbelievable!! See you soon :)

Todd & Tessa - 9/15/2011

For: Peter

Pete you're looking chipper. I can't wait to hear about the trip. Kathy saw the post as well

Todd - 9/14/2011

For: kate ken

You are going to tell me that the cushions on the seats for the long drives were wonderful, right? amazing architecture!

peela - 9/14/2011

For: Peter the G.

Hi Peter. Great adventures as always. Can't wait to hear some stories from this amazing trip.

Kevin and Sadie - 9/13/2011

For: Dayle

Erica says buy, buy, buy. Did she give you her credit card? It's pledge time on PBS TV. Guess what the latest miracle food is, that will solve all your problems. Mushrooms! Quite a view from your hotel! Rick

Rick - 9/13/2011

For: Peter G

Who would have thought my dad would get his picture on the internet! Hope you're having a blast over there and that you'll actually come home wiser! Love you pops!

Gabe G - 9/13/2011

For: Gaylinn

Does Kathmandu look the same? I can remember Bouddanath well! Also, I can feel your presence here much more than usual. I think Tesla called it a torsion field. Be well. Frank

Frank - 9/13/2011

For: Peter

Your face truly does say it all! I hear you'all moving along to the crown you are. Stay light.

Frank - 9/13/2011

For: Kati Ho(MOM)

Mom! I miss you and listened to your voice recording and it comforted me to hear you! You sound so serene. I saved the last VM you left me on my phone so I can hear your voice when I miss you too much. I hope you have fun seeing Kathy & know how special that will be for u! I wish I was there with u! School is hard & lots of work for my 2 classes. I'm working hard but I have a 20 page paper, YIKES! I luv u & hope u know I am there with u in your heart and my spirit is w/u dancing all

Little Kitty - 9/13/2011

For: Peter G

Hi Dad - looks like you're enjoying the trip and hopefully you haven't had to use the Egyptian meds! Spoke with Mom yesterday & she said your VISA card was billed $800 in India - hopefully that was you doing the buying! If not, send a message home! Miss you & thinking of you! Love, Celina, Joe & Tristan

Celina - 9/13/2011

For: Peter G.

This is fascinating! Am really looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about what you are eating! Have an enlightening trip!

Alex Nhancale - 9/13/2011

For: Joanna

Such spectacular pics and descriptions; I'm loving traveling with you! Blessings to you and all the pilgrims as you walk with others and visit sacred sites.

Dawn and the Boys - 9/13/2011

For: Dayle

Hi Dayle, You're in the land of the triangular flag and time off the rest of the world by 15 minutes. I can picture your footsteps here and smell the smells. I wish I were there too. Don't let the monkeys take your camera. They seem to like cameras and purses. Buy buy buy .....XO, Erica

Erica - 9/13/2011

For: Joanna

Trip sounds astonishingly novel and interesting, if challenging at times. Things are becoming autumnal just slightly here, but still quite beautiful. I miss you and hope you are well. Love, Neil

Neil - 9/13/2011

For: Kate

Hi Lovey, eBay taken care of. No worries. Your adventure is amazing. Such images. We all miss you and hope the rest of your trip is filled withbawe and wonder. Love Bruce

Bruce - 9/13/2011

For: Peter G (Please make sure he gets this as he won't be checking)

Hi Papasan, you're looking well in the photo - Good to see you! Bouddanath is a special place and I can imagine just where you are. Kopan is right up the hill from there so I went there a number of times. We're off to the beach today, perhaps the last beach day of summer. Namaste from Quim, Kenia and me

Rachael - 9/13/2011

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