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Date: August 16
Location: Vik, Iceland

Yesterday was a once in a lifetime hike. We climbed a mountain high between two ice capped volcanoes. Below us were twisted, deformed volcanic canyons.Today we left early to 4 wheel back to the main road.

We had an appointment with some Icelandic horses. It was a beautiful ride. Now we are beneath some tough cliffs camping. A shower felt really good.

Time to restock to head into the interior.

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For: diane silas and everyone else

i bet you all smell better to from that shower hehe

devin baker - 8/18/2011

For: Rick


Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: Rick

I'M FINE!!! VERY FIN. Enjoying lots of great memories.

Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: Annie

I am sad I'm not sharing these Icelandic adventures with you. It is certainly a great trip! Have you returned to Terminal 1 yet?? Any problem navigating one-road towns?

Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: Judy

Oh my, that river ford sounds PRETTY interesting! But, you made it safely!!

Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: Silas

I imagine you're leaving interesting footprints around Iceland too? Do you suppose some might think the footprints are further evidence of trolls or elves?

Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: Brandi

Have you been in the water yet? I understand it's heated in Greenland!!

Ellen G - 8/17/2011

For: All the Icelandic gang

Great to read your posts each day. Sounds like it's a great trip with more adventures yet ahead. Fording that raging river sounds amazing!!!

Bob Ames - 8/16/2011

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