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Date: February 26, 2011 - Audio Post
Location: Karanga camp, 12,900

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: ALL

hello all, I am reading and listening to your wonderful messages and stories. I am constantly amazed by how one can be touched so deeply and personally by the ravages of cancer, and yet find strength and courage to take on an adventure such as yours! I hope you stop to enjoy the views even among the current discomforts and challenges. Those memories will not last, but the joy you share with each other, and the laughter will! THANK YOU one and all for YOUR role in the fight against cancer.

Matt Flanigan - 2/27/2011

For: Kevin

continued...the message got cut off - we must now attend a Knicks game and Jasmine wanted to post the "cyclone" song on here for you which she says you sing as "pinecone" but I told her it was a bit inappropriate. haha. Stay strong and we love you.

Tracy - 2/27/2011

For: Kevin and Lise

Lise, your audio was awesome! Stay positive and strong like you sound! Kevin, the cake delivery was so cool! The cake boss can't top that one! Not sure if you know that Carmelo Anthony is now a NY Knick! I'm so excited about that! P Diddy has a song out called "Coming Home" which they have been playing as an anthem to Carmelo's homecoming and it makes me think of you and the gang climbing Kilimanjaro. Can't wait to play it for you when you are coming home and we must attend a Knicks ga

Tracy, Kevin's daughter - 2/27/2011

For: T.J.& Ang.? (maximum 255 chars) was good to see your pic at Barranco camp. Looked like the red cape around your shoulder was like Supperman & wow all those muscles . Keep strong . Love Ya.ype your message here...

Nana&GrampsFrom? (maximum 255 chars) - 2/26/2011

For: Lise

We were so happy and surprised to hear your voice! You sound soooo Danish. I have never been able to hear your accent before. Now that you are camping in the cold, can you imagine us at night in Montauk withthe kids and no blankets? Talk about a disaster!Remember when my hip was hurting and you told me to imagine that my toe was really itching and it helped the pain go away? Use that to keep the cold at bay, mind over matter! We love you, thank you for that message, we all have big grins on our

Bianca, Chris, Garret, Charlie and Dad, - 2/26/2011

For: Angela Vallone

Hi Twin. We have been thinking of you and worrying about you non-stop. So happy to see your smiling face in the pictures. Dan said you must smell like a bear by now! Hope your cousin is helping you. Stay safe. We miss you and love you. Dan wants to buy you lunch on our next Day 1. I'll show the kids where you are when we get back to school on Monday. We had a week off. Love you Twin!!!

Patty and Dan Coia - 2/26/2011

For: Lise

Hi Lise. Just heard your audio and great to hear your voice. Though cold, I can hear the emotion and the incredible journey you are experiencing! We branded the program at the American Cancer Society "DetermiNation" because of people like you my friend :) Strong, fearless, fit, conquering and fighting back. I am sure Charlie is smiling and at your side every moment. Also realize what an incredible woman you are and I am a slug sitting on my couch living vicariously through you! All

Michele - 2/26/2011

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