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Date: Tuesday, November 13
Location: Lukla, again, No fly day.

Well, we are experiencing the power of nature. Last night it started raining.

Clouds still there this am. No flying until mid morning when there was a brief lift of them. Went to airport. Some planes in and out. So close, we had boarding passes, sat next to door. And.....down came the clouds. 

Ate pringles to pass the time and massage our souls. 

Did not work. Clouds stayed down. 

Sherpas could not go home either, so back to our hotel we went. Nice lunch and all ate today for first time in over a week, (effect of altitude is loss of appetite.) 

As you can see we are trying to watch video on a tiny tablet. But internet slow so lots of buffering, gave up at after an hour of watching. Sort of watching.

Tonight having dal baht, rice and lentil soup. The sherpas are going to teach us how to eat it like they do, with our hands. Cultural immersion. 

Hopefully tomorrow am, we can get a short flight to nearby.  From there we will take a 4.5 hour bus ride to Kathmandu. It is a back up plan since now the whole town here is backed up. We will get to see more of Nepal this way. 

The adventure continues....

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