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Date: Wednesday, November 14
Location: Kathmandu

We are back in Kathmandu!

But it was not easy.

We got up at 5:15 am to get breakfast to catch the first flight at 6:15. But.....

Three planes left and we were still, standing at the airport. Nope, not making the first flights.

Waited in an overpacked and anxious waiting room for a few hours. Finally our plane! Yeah!

But... It only went 15 minutes. It dropped us at a dusty little town to board a bus

Wow! 5 hours of shock-less to shocking bus travel. John hit his head on ceiling so hard he cut it . The road is not wide enough as it winds it way around sharp corners with precipitous drops to fit a bus and say truck. Brakes get slammed on. Somehow they inch past. Lean in! 

Finally, super dusty, bone-jarred, our hotel! Showers! We have arrived! 

This is our last post.

We hope you will find special time to share in the tales of your loved ones. They are deep, many and amazing.

We are taking on the schooling of one of our Sherpas daughters. And, raising funds to help the other Sherpas finish his house after the earthquake. If you would like to help let us know. We were deeply touched by our friends and want to share what we have with them.

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