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Date: Monday, November 5
Location: Denboche, 14,200 feet. Got in by 330. Excellent time.

Picture is Lhoste and Everest is the triangular peak behind it. 

Group did excellent despite a longer day and a much higher elevation. 

So, adding some life in camp notes. 

The buff. Joe is helping everyone learn how to style with buffs. It can take up a good part of our lunch. 

Bathroom. Two styles, hole in floor and sit on. Remember to scoop water from barrel to flush. 

Lock the door. The key opens the paddock then you have to keep the key in there to get it out. 10 minute activity. 

Bathroom again. Local. Loads of leaves dump through the hole in the floor after you go. 

The mountains are overwhelming. We had exceptional weather. The white is the most white. blinding. Ridges lines so sharp against the deepest blue sky. We stop over and over in awe. 

Mack got back to Kathmandu today. He will fly to USA on Wednesday and is recovering okay.

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For: Nancy

It is Thursday. I believe this is the day you get to Everest Base camp? If so, good luck to all--it must be amazing! I will have to live vicariously through your adventures dear. Addition creeping along. I'm on a crash diet so I can fit into my clothes for the wedding tomorrow. I'll let you know how that works out. Love you! Bill

Keeper of the home fires - 11/8/2018

For: Nancy

Hi Mom! We all say hello! Hope you’re having a good time and are looking forward to hearing all about it. There’s plenty of adventures here... JonJon is now officially baptized and the in laws have come in and out safely and happily with only minor illness. Nathan just left yesterday. We had a nice visit. It’s snowing here and I have a busted ankle. JonJon is fussy Gus. He asks for you whenever I’m on the phone. We love you, Jon, Eileen, and JonJon

Jon, Eileen, and JonJon - 11/6/2018

For: Jeff

Jeff- looks like all your training paid off. Back home after good visit with Paula Found out Emily's first rotation in March is in Florida (Ob/gyn)-smart time to be there in the warmth!

The wife - 11/6/2018

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