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Date: Thursday, November 1
Location: Namche, 11,500. 4 pm arrival.

Had to put up picture of the famous swinging bridge. It is 300 feet above the river. 

 People did great getting up here. First big climb at altitude. Cooler up here. 

 We can go shopping, coffee shops, movies....all brought in by yam trains a d people's backs. 

 People are debating showers at moment over tea. Some say yes, say say no for today. 

 Mack is doing better. 2 nights here to acclimatize.

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For: Nancy

We’re stjll following along and love you ma!!

Jon, Eileen, and JonJon - 11/2/2018

For: Mac

Glad you are feeling better. Take Care. Don't over do it. Rob did a Trinity Knot today. Love from us both.

Jai and Rob - 11/1/2018

For: Harry

Hey Brother - looks like you are having a great adventure. Stay safe and look forward to hearing all the stories!!!! Peter PS: I would choose the shower over tea!

Peter - 11/1/2018

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