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Date: Wednesday, July 25
Location: Same lovely hotel, Hotel Villa Urubamba

Lost bags still lost. Keeping up hope for them. 

Started out early so that we would be the first group 2,000 feet above our hotel at Moray. Moray is a fascinating Incan agricultural laboratory. Here a thousand years ago the Incas experimented with food products.  They were successful enough to be able to store ahead 60 years of food to protect against bad years.  I think one big take away by the group is realizing how to view the world in a different way.  The Incas great gift to the world was potatoes. They had over 6,000 varieties where today we have just 4,000. Their honoring their Apus, God's who lived in the mts, the land demonstrated their awareness we are just again coming to of how we are connected to the earth if we are to survive.  The superstitions of the Spanish limited their use of the Inca knowledge. 

We ate a fabulous picnic watching the surrounding 20,000 foot mts with their glorious glaciers.

We walked to the steep hillside where a salt laden water emerges and creates a place to dry that water and produce salt. Just as in the Inca times. 

Then time for more local culture. A market where people dressed in their wonderful, colorful clothing lay out their products. Not a tourist market. Lots of produce, guinea pig... 

To top off the "localness" of the day we tried chica, the local corn beer.  Expect someone to return to open a chicheria near you soon.  
The day ended by a fire and a chat about the much anticipated Inca Trail tomorrow.

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For: Linda

Yay, you tried chicha....must also try chicha morada. No guinea pig please - I love those little guys. Stay safe.

Marsha - 7/28/2018

For: tom

try some coca leaves as they are a part of the culture

paul - 7/27/2018

For: Linda1, Linda2 and K-Woz

Strong women rock !!! Pride and prayers for you. xoxo

Martha Welshofer - 7/27/2018

For: Everyone

Hope you are having the time of your lives! And hope you are enjoying the views, friendly people, and yummy food. Just pace yourselves on the alpaca and guinea pig don’t want to overdo too much of a good thing (he he). Love to you all!

Kristine Thompson - 7/26/2018

For: Flo

Oh no lost bags are the worse. I hope your not one of the ones getting sick! Like I have always said I love getting to my destination its the travel that sucks! Hope your having some fun!

Lauren - 7/26/2018

For: Flo and Carroll

Hi Checking up on your travel adventure. Glad you finally made it I had a similar return flight from San Francisco, Tuesday only had to sleep at JFK one night. Still adjusting to Roch time and high temps. Love the pics. Jill

Jill Orbach - 7/26/2018

For: Flo

Sounds like you've been challenged so far - it adds to a great story later, though. Meanwhile, maybe you can have enough coca leaves and tea to make things better. Have fun.

Mary - 7/26/2018

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