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Date: Tuesday, July24, 5:30 PM
Location: Pisac, Peru

We are all here. In person at least. A few bags missing. So we are sharing our underwear, socks and other clothing items with Karen and Flo. All is well.

It was an eventful flight for 4 of us. Rick, Karen, Flo and Carroll went through a variety of flight issues. Mechanical issues, then no flights to re-book. Finally got on a plane for Toronto. That had mechanical issues. Waited 7 hours in Toronto, got on to board and the switch from American to Air Canada, they forgot to put in our ticket number so would not let us on. Call airline to resolve but on hold an hour, and plane leaves in 30 minutes...made it. Next sat on tarmac 2 more hours as the next plane had mechanical issues. Made it to Lima in time to walk over and meet group coming from hotel for our Cusco flight. But, oh, Flo and Karen's bags are on vacation in Montreal....

We toured a bit of ancient Inca Sites. Astounding set against giant mountains. Hanging out at 12,000 plus feet but sleeping below 10,000. Beautiful grounds and hotel. Lunch is the picture. Can you see we are eating alpaca? It is very good. So, we are started out on our adventures. Yeah, all are doing well. A few headaches, stomach aches from altitude.

Stay tuned.

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For: The Peña Crew and fellow trekkers

Glad you are having a great time, send photos when tou can. To those missing their luggage, been there, just gotta roll with it. Good trekking to all.

Noly - 7/26/2018

For: Flo

Keep smiling. Can't wait to hear about more stories.

Sue - 7/26/2018

For: Linda

Happy travels, don't forget about the INCA KOLA and PISCO SOUR!

Marsha - 7/25/2018

For: All

Best part of the end of my workday was checking in and seeing you are all doing well. Many of you have had a adventure already. Totally enjoy and keep us something here to talk about :)

Terri - 7/25/2018

For: Everyone

Best wishes for adventure and good health all the way! Mo Welch Canandaigua NY

Maureen Welch - 7/25/2018

For: Everyone

Wishing you all incredible and joyous adventure(s) each and every day! Take good care of each other. Peace!

Martha Welshofer - 7/25/2018

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