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Date: Thursday, July 27
Location: Tapayoc, Inca Trail , Mile 4, 9,000 feet elevation

Yes! We are now officially hiking the Inca Trail. Enthusiasm is high. We left at 8 am from the hotel to explore a wonderful Inca site. We met our trail crew of Quechua, Inca folks at the trail head. Our cook is amazing. Lunch started with grilled shrimp. We had a plate of beautifully laid out couscous and beef with sauce. We have a team of 32 to help us. The trail was delightful. We passed through a semi desert area but the trees had Spanish moss on them. Nice flowers on the cactus. The intense blue sky backed some 19,000 foot Mts covered with snow and glaciers. The sense of antiquity is palpable. 1000 year old walls are similar to the houses the people are living in today. They pass us carrying their babies in blankets on their backs. Women in petti-coated, colorful skirts. Some are transporting supplies on donkeys. They home the steep hillside with wood hoes. Amazing. All are doing well today with our hike.

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For: Carlos, Sue, Ray and Mogan

So excited for you and can't wait for photos!! Missed you like crazy at our Outer Banks trip (rainy, boo). Have a fabulous finish to the trek. There will be llama photos, right!? Wishing you joy and wonder on what sounds like a trip of a lifetime! xoxo Catie and Tim

Catie Mohin - 7/28/2018

For: Carlos, Sue, Morgan & Ray

How exciting!!! Can’t wait to see photos and hear your stories. Did you try the cuy yet? If not who will? Wishing all of you good weather and happy trails. Keep on trucking!!! Or should that be trekking???

Noly - 7/28/2018

For: Kaley, DeeDee and Izy

Hello family, it sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time filled with crazy adventures. I am very jealous, I wish I could be there. I can't believe all the crazy food you are eating. Have some more fun! Grandma says that she hopes you all are having a wonderful time and you better bring home pictures. Love Kyra and Grandma

Kyra and Grandma - 7/27/2018

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