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Date: Saturday, January 14, 2017
Location: Le maire Channel, Weinke Island

Jill here: Don't worry, Dad, you'll get the full length blog when I get back to civilization. Rick told me to be brief on these posts.

Yesterday, the kayakers had a great traverse through the growlers and pack ice. The photographers had a private zodiac with Reed and Sinkers for an amazing cruise which included getting up close and personal with a leopard seal.

Upon our return, Allyson and Rick participated on the polar plunge. Last night we had a fantastic barbecue on deck. We put on our warmest clothes and headed out for an Antarctic summer shindig. We also had a celebration of our esteemed guide John Duduney's 50th anniversary of working in Antarctica. The crew baked a huge cake and we all had a piece in his honor. There was also a dance party on deck before heading back inside to warm up.

This morning we headed to Peterman Island for some kayaking and hiking before heading through the Le maire channel. We're only the third ship through this season. It's currently filled with icebergs and growlers. Slow going but we made it!

Tonight is the night for ice camping.

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For: Kathy Kennedy

Kayaking near icebergs?? OMG!!!! Keep the updates coming. Koral

Koral - 1/18/2017

For: Kathy

I will go get the dictionary for growlers and zodiacs.....keep on keeping on, this is exciting. love, Paula

worden - 1/15/2017

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