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Date: Thursday, January 12, 2017
Location: Currently steaming south of the Antarctic Circle.

Heading toward Detaille Island.

Jill here: We finally sailed past 66 degrees south and we are officially in the Antarctic circle. We celebrated with a toast of hot chocolate and Bailey's on the upper deck and a group photo. The ice campers met to discuss logistics - outside. The rest of us headed back inside to warm up.

Today's weather has been brilliant, cold and windy and the ocean has been pretty choppy. We're still heading south and were unable to stop for a morning excursion due to weather conditions. This afternoon we may be able to head out to see some pan ice and possibly even get out to walk around on it.

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For: Joe H.

Curious to know if you went ice camping!

Val - 1/14/2017

For: Kathy

What is pan ice? Who is ice camping? Where do the others sleep? What kind if a ship is it? We had some rain today, but not last week when it was in the teens..that is east texas for you! no snow. 3 day weekend, and a bit of relaxing...hope you are getting enough sleep.....rocky boat lulls you to dreams? We love you! Paula, Mike and Roscoe

peela and company - 1/13/2017

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