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Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Location: Wilhelmena Bay

Jill here. Today's theme is whales. In fact, while we're currently in Wilhelmena Bay, the crew calls it "Whalehelmena Bay." The Humpback whale sightings started early this morning and continued throughout our excursions.

The kayakers were in heaven this morning. The water was glassy and perfect for our first outing. We saw an iceberg roll right next to us, penguins porposing all around us and some breathtaking scenery. T

he rest of the group went out on the zodiacs and saw more whales, crab-eater seals sunning themselves on the ice, penguins swimming all around us and several local birds.

We have another kayaking, or landing excursion this afternoon.

The photographers are taking some amazing pictures, many thanks to Reed's expert instructions.

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For: Susan

Hi Mom! Glad you got to see some whales! I hope you got close to them while kayaking! Ryan's sister Megan is in town this weekend and I'm pretty sure Riggs is her new bestfriend. Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pictures! Love you! Megan

Megan - 1/13/2017

For: Ben Landrum

Hi Dad. Scenery looks amazing. What an adventure! Looking forward to seeing all of the photos. Enjoy the rest of your time there and safe travels back to US. Matt

Matt Dailey - 1/13/2017

For: jennifer gold

omg the scenery - i can't even imagine - yes, yes, the cold is worth it all to see the scenery live and in real 3D. can't wait to see some pics - i told my students and they are in awe of you too lol. safe travels

jojo - 1/13/2017

For: Jim

Wow! Looks so awesome. Hope you are taking a ton of pics for a slide show when you return. you know Casey and his slideshows! Winston says hi! :) Take care and no swimming!

Your Sister - 1/12/2017

For: Marcia

Kids the penguins for me. Take in all the wonder! Thinking of you sooo often

Kath - 1/12/2017

For: Kathy

I am jealous of the whales and penguins. Love you Grauntie Kathy! I told my mom I am going next time. Ed.

Ed - 1/12/2017

For: Susan Holmes

Hi Cuz! So glad to hear the sea has calmed down for you to go kayaking. Thinking of you and hope your adventure is memorable. Take lots of pictures! love Kathy

Kathy - 1/12/2017

For: Jennifer

Hi My Lovely. Bet you didn't expect your PC illiterate cousin to write but your trip sounds amazing and I am very envious of your courage in trying all things new. It's cold in UK & snow expected but your Buffalo winters have hopefully prepared you for cold. I hear Krakow is -28; dad talked about that sort of cold. I think it's all just too wonderful where you are to worry about temperatures! Enjoy, take lots of pics, love you lots and look forward to seeing you in July. Roz xx

Roz - 1/12/2017

For: Joe H.

I've been sharing your updates (Joe) with the family, and this is what your sister Melanie just sent back to me: I admire you so much for your sense of adventure and I am so glad you are having such an incredible trip. You truly live life to the fullest. I am proud to have you as my brother. I love you and your family.

Val - 1/12/2017

For: Jennifer

Hi friend! It all sounds amazing! Wishing you wonderful and safe adventures. Missing you. XOXO

Sara - 1/12/2017

For: Kathy K.

Penguins and whales?!?! Sounds like heaven to me. I suppose I'll finish my night with a floss instead of seafaring, so that there isn't a DIFFERENT kind of adventure in my future. xoxo

Jenny - 1/11/2017

For: Ben Landrum

Hey Dad! Sounds like you had a great day- Mom filled me in on your latest email, can't wait to see the photos! Love you bunches!!! Celeste

Your #1 daughter - 1/11/2017

For: Kathy

we are back to 70F weather after teens last week. We will never rate an antarctic experience. Just got off the phone with Joe, and Pete is in training in NYC, all the kids say hi! love, Peela

peela - 1/11/2017

For: Kathy K

Whales, seals, penguins, oh my ! so much to take in - enjoy it to the max ! Love, Michele n Dan

Michele - 1/11/2017

For: Lise

Hi Mom! I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures, each day sounds more amazing than the last.How close do the whales come to the kayaks and zodiacs? All is well here. Just spoke with Dad and nothing new to report...he misses you but is fine and enjoying his new book. The boys are up to their usual antics and Chris and I are practicing our deep breathing skills ;) Love you! -Bianca

Bianca - 1/11/2017

For: Karla

Take lots of pictures! I'm keeping everyone updated on your excursions. We are thinking about you in our 80 degree weather today. :)

MiShaun - 1/11/2017

For: Jennifer

The trip sounds lovely!!!! Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful time!!! Love me and Laura xxx

Theresa - 1/11/2017

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