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Date: Saturday, January 7, 2017
Location: Falklands Islands, North of the Drake Passage

Heading through night through the passage. Wow! We are on our way!

We flew to the beautiful Falklands Islands and bused 35 miles to the main town of Stanley. These unique islands, hundreds of miles from land are windswept, desolate and beautiful. 3000 people make their homes on mainly 2 of the 700 islands.

The ship is perfect. There are 7 levels. The highest ones are open decks. We cast off about 7 pm. After a very short passage with penguins we hit open ocean. The ship is already rolling and rocking. We all are taking some type of medication.

Let you know tomorrow how it works. Excitement level is high.

We look forward to sharing our adventures.

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For: Jill Mazur

Found you! Hope you're having a great time and not too seasick.

Julie - 1/9/2017

For: Kathy K.

Away, away, away you go! Here's hoping everyone's meds kick in quickly and keep sickness at bay. Can't wait to see more of your adventures! xoxo

Jenny - 1/9/2017

For: Ellen and JC


Laura - 1/9/2017

For: Karla

I love seeing your adventures. Who knows maybe you can make your own penguin movie. Thanks for bringing geography to life for us.

Misti - 1/8/2017

For: Susan Holmes

Your on your way..have a wonderful time..thinking of you..

Jeanne - 1/8/2017

For: George Parker

Have the time of your life, travel mentor and uncle!! Love, Jenny

Jenny - 1/8/2017

For: Joe Hallinan

Nice to see you're on the way! Say hi to the Penguins for us and we can't wait to see pictures and hear the stories. We will think about you, have a great time!

The Bay Village Grigoli's - 1/8/2017

For: George Parker

Hi Dad! Hope you're having a great time thus far! Love you!

Laura - 1/8/2017

For: Kathy

Are you turning into a penguin? I just wanted to add you to one of my mindless conversations that I usually have with Paula....or my dog, Roscoe!

Mike - 1/8/2017

For: Kathy

I cannot imagine what you day is like, how very exciting. I imagine the ship was a riot, maybe not the best kind with the medication need, but what a great experience.

Paula - 1/8/2017

For: Lise Crapella

Hi Mom, I hope that you managed to get some sleep despite the waves. We are so excited for you and the rest of the group to see what lays ahead. Everyone is sleeping in this morning and the house is very quiet. We had a little snow last night and the temps have been in the low 20s. The chickens are refusing to come out and we have all been avoiding spending too much time outside. We are wimps! Anyway, take lots of pictures, we are looking forward to seeing them when you get back. Love, Bianca

Bianca - 1/8/2017

For: Kathy Kennedy

Your travels sound terrific and I'm having a geography lesson at the same time! 7 is a lucky number, so hopefully all will enjoy the many layers of the ship and your rocking and a rolling will be more from the Rolling Stones than the heavy seas.

Michele - 1/8/2017

For: Jennifer Gold

Great that you got to see some of the Falklands in getting to the ship, which sounds lovely. Now the real adventures begin. Hope the waters weren't too rough and that you got some sleep. Looking forward to hearing all about it - take many photographs and I'm sure there will be a blog post or two that you could write. Have the most amazing time, and be safe! Will be thinking of you.

Jack - 1/8/2017

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