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Date: November 18
Location: Still in Lukla

Yes folks, we are still in Lukla. So close. About 10 am there was a flurry of planes, helicopters and people moving out. Our plane did not leave Khatmandu though because of the weather there. Now it is cloudy here. So no plane. We are in a hotel tonight though. So that is good. We are optimistic we will catch a weather window tomorrow. That will keep us on schedule. We will let you know. So now we are doing the town. At least with it totally cloudy we don't sit and wait watching the air strip. We know we are here. Thanks for the emails, it helps to lift the spirit.

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For: Paul

Hope you made your flight today. Girls are already asking if they can take Monday off to meet you at the airport. Let's hope that is not the case. Went out to dinner last night. Going to see the Harry Potter movie today after school. Dog sitting for Jim this weekend. Busy busy as usual. Can't wait for your return. Hugs and kisses to all. Love you.

Linda #2 - 11/19/2010

For: Mamacita

Wait for it.....wait for it...finally maybe some modern conveniences with olde worlde charm now that the after party in the hotel started. It'll all work out. Not to worry about the turkey dinner cuz you now Bob with 2 ohs is all over that, probably making the grocery lists and prepping things already. He's on it. Scream atcha later. Hugs!

'Cuse - 11/19/2010

For: Patrick

(Continued from earlier post. I keep forgetting about word limit!)...the hug will need to be longer and tighter. Love you!

Robin - 11/19/2010

For: Patrick

Another picture! How lucky we are. You look so happy (despite recent circumstances). I keep telling everyone that you have truly been in your element. Annalie loves and misses her daddy but only has a few more slashes to cross off on the calendar before you're home. She's spending the night at Gretchen's tomorrow night, then we're having a sleepover in Livonia the next night. Fingers crossed we'll get that long, tight hug at the airport on Sunday! (If not, the hug will just have to be longer and

Robin - 11/19/2010

For: Esther

It will probably feel like a five star hotel! We look forward to hearing about this great adventure.

Jeff & Emily - 11/18/2010

For: matt

We hope the plane makes it to you safely, but no worries - be happy. It'll make such a great story to tell. I bet that shower was euphoric!!! All quiet on the western front. Looking forward to the weekend, and Teagan is excited for the leadership conference. Maybe start on holiday shopping Saturday - Joy to the World! Robin and Annalie are having a PJ party Saturday night! See you soon!! 143

your girls - 11/18/2010

For: All

The end is supposed to say "Crossing my fingers for a safe and on time flight out tomorrow!!"

Sadie - 11/18/2010

For: All

What a great picture Pat! Love it. I know you guys are probably stressed and nervous - I totally get it. How often are you in Nepal thought really? You should absolutely live it up. Here is a scavenger hunt for you to help you pass the time: You need to find 1) a huge steaming pile of yak dung. 2)A Spanish guy who sounds like Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode. 3)a purple sock 4) a Yankees hat and 5) a woman with bleach blonde hair. I'm expecting pictures of all these things upon your return. Crossi

Sadie - 11/18/2010

For: Darlene

Hoping your plane appears tomorrow and you make it out ok. Enjoy an Everest beer or two in the meantime. We leave for Grenada in one month so think about the beach we will be on to boost your spirits. Gretchen says hi!

Jesse - 11/18/2010

For: JOI Team

I can clearly recall Rick saying "That's why they call it an adventure!!". At least you have showers now and can enjoy the town. Have fun and be safe.

Carroll '08 - 11/18/2010

For: Kathi

It's always and "adventure" isn't it - "De Plane - De Plane" - it'll come eventually!!! And we'll be waiting at the other end to hear all about it. I think just "flying" is an adventure these days!!! Safe flights home (whenever they start) and wow! What an adventure you've had!!! Will be glad to see the whites of your eyes (and everyone else)

canoelite - 11/18/2010

For: Tom Stevens

Can't wait to hear about the trip. Hope to see you next Saturday. Have a safe trip home.

Martha and Sean - 11/18/2010

For: Kathi and all

Dorthy klicked her heels and said "there is no place like home" and there she was....... We are waiting for ya Kath. Hugs, me

Nadean - 11/18/2010

For: Paul

It has been so great reading everyone's posts and following this wonderful adventure. We look forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it. Sending prayers and good thoughts to everyone and wishing you all a safe flight out of there.

Meyers' - 11/18/2010

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