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Date: November 17, 4pm
Location: Lukla, 9,500 ft

We are back to where we started. Met up with Tom and Esther who are in good health and spirits. Some planes have flown but town is still backed up. Am weather was good in Lukla but the planes could not get in. Then weather was good in Katmandu but not here. That means the anticipated room and shower is not to be. There is no room at the inn so we are camped out next to the hotel. We are still hoping for a flight out on Thursday but we won’t know if the weather will cooperate. We will update you tomorrow. Anxiety is a bit high but this is a hardy group.

To be continued ...

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For: Mom (Kathi)

Part 2...Mya is an angel compared to Rafe. ALl and all we are good just keeping busy with the usual stuff. I am so proud of what you did n r doing but I miss you tons!! I miss our talks n being to call n hear your voice..I need my momma!! We all love n miss you!! Thinking about you always n sending prayers. LOVE YOU MOMMA!!

Tom...the voice of your immediate family!! - 11/18/2010

For: Nightmare

An IDLE (not to be confused with Idol, Linda #2, you can tell who the townies aren't) Reunion would be awesome and the sooner the better. Bring the whole JOI Crew so we can meet you all. Thanks for being awesome. Safe trip home, soon. Peace.

Martha Roney - 11/18/2010

For: Mom (Kathi)

Well..first I am so proud of you!! We all are..meaning Dad n Shoe too. You know dad he said he would post something but it would take him all day just to type "Hey" n Marsh..well you know I am the good one! They check here everyday though..especially dad. I think he is pretty worried you won't make it back sunday..he miss you lots! Kids are good is Ralph (of course you were wondering about him too) Rafie is a monster child..cant wait till you get here to help with him!!

Tom...the voice of your immediate family!! - 11/18/2010

For: Kathi

Hey Kathi! Don't be getting yourself too tipsy up there and start thinking maybe you can hike your way home! We are looking forward to your safe return (hopefully you'll be able to get a shower first:).... how cold would you say that river water is?? Can't wait to hear about your experiences. Thank you from the depth of our souls for all that you have endured and given to this cause. We'll have chocolate and wine waiting for you.

Beth - 11/18/2010

For: matt

Hope you have your Irish luck in tact and can use it to get a flight out of there! In the meantime, enjoy being with some of the best people we know! Plenty of hot water and cozy beds back here for you! WE love you! We are busy with regular stuff but no big news to report. get the idea! 143

your girls - 11/18/2010

For: Esther

Hi mom!

Paula - 11/17/2010

For: All

Don't worry guys - if you run out of food Rick can lasso you a caribou. (True story - ask him about it). I definitely can imagine you are very stressed!! Especially because you can't shower and I'm sure Matt is stinking up the place. You'll be home soon and this will be another crazy adventure to log in the books! Thinking of you guys and wishing you a safe flight home soon!! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 11/17/2010

For: Our Everest Treckers

Type your message here...So glad to hear that everyone is doing better now that there is more air to breathe. Hopefully even though the rooms aren't available yet, the beer is still ready. Wish you all the best on the return trip. Love Jack & Patty

Patty & Jack - 11/17/2010

For: Esther

Excellent to hear all is well. Looks like the tent site might have some good views. Hope the travel plans work out.

Jeff & Emily - 11/17/2010

For: Paul and the gang

Hi to all. Glad you are in Lukla, but don't rush it. I don't trust that airport/airplanes... take your time getting out. Please travel safe. enjoy your time there. We are all eagerly waiting for your return. Everyone here has been asking about you and wish you well. Paul, your groupies at the Idol are hoping for a reunion concert. Get ready, Jim has been song writing! See you soon. Love you.

Linda #2 - 11/17/2010

For: Jim & Bonnie

Glad you made it back safely to Lukla & hope that you're not stranded there too long. Have a safe journey back home and we'll talk to you in a few days. All is well here.

Kevin & Emily - 11/17/2010

For: Alison and Gang

Hey, no worries! It's hard to be stuck in a more exotic location AND the lack of hotel rooms is not a problem since you have your own tents! I can't think of a better group of people to be with when waiting on a mountain side for weather to clear. Cheers!

John - 11/17/2010

For: Patrick

(continued from earlier post) phone call. I know it doesn't compare to camping out while waiting for a flight to take you back to us, but it's what I got. Big, big hug. Miss you.

Robin - 11/17/2010

For: Patrick

Annalie's at dance class and I thought I'd sneak away to get your update. Stay positive. To make you smile, I'll give you an update on MY recent anxieties: Phone service out twice, internet out once, TV out twice (once right before a Dancing with the Stars results show, so I listened to my mom's TV through the phone to hear Bristol beat out one of the best dancers to make it to the finals...the U.S. is going wild), and I hit a parked car today, so I left a note and am now awaiting the dreaded ph

Robin - 11/17/2010

For: To? Tom

Hi Tom, Can't wait to have you back at The Creek. We are so proud of you. See you soon. Love, Amanda

From? TCIA - 11/17/2010

For: paul artruc

Wish you had a guitar, man. Hang in there. Oh, and hi again Matthheeeeeew Flanigan. Bishop Kearney would be proud of you.

Martha Roney - 11/17/2010

For: Darlene

Stranded, camped out, no shower. Sounds like you're on Survivor. If you don't show up in Rochester on the Sunday flight home I'll know why. Tim and I are going out to a steak house for dinner tonight. Nothing much new to report here. Hopefully I'll see you again in a few days.

Jesse - 11/17/2010

For: To All

Nice to hear you are all together and safe, somewhat rested and comfortable.Your problem reinforces my anxiety of getting onto the flight,rather than that of flying. I trust Rick and his palm greasing skills to get you home safe and timely.Love y'all

mudster - 11/17/2010

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