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Date: November 15th 3 pm
Location: Khumgung, 12,450 feet.

Today is Darlene's birthday. The picture is of the group in front of Tengboche Monastery.

Tonight we are staying at our Sirdar's home. It is about 250 years old in a remote Sherpa village which until recently has largely been by passed by trekkers. Downstairs the yaks are kept. Upstairs there's a wood oven kitchen. The living room is a large room lined with giant brass pots which used to be used but now are a way to store wealth in their value. There is electricity here supplied by a small project up valley. Water consumption exceeds what is here so there is a chronic water shortage in town. The best is there a temple in every house and Kami's is old and well supplied with relics. Pics tomorrow.

We had a stellar morning of weather. Perfect to behold Everest in full view beyond the famous Tenboche monastery. The colorful temple adds to the sense of Beauty and peace in the Khumbu valley.

They are all out shopping in town!

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For: Smeg

Awesome accomplishment by you and your comrades. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures. Have a safe trip home. In hoc - you have certainly brought honor to the brotherhood.

Smeg - 11/19/2010

For: Mamacita

What a hot it, love it. Stem drinks await. See you soon.

the BLG - 11/16/2010

For: All

Sounds amazing! I can't wait to see all the facebook pictures!! Hope you're all doing well and staying warm. I'm glad to see in the picture that you are sporting many styles of the versatile JOI buff. You're missing the blind chicken though. See you all soon!

Sadie - 11/16/2010

For: Tom W and Esther

Tom and Esther, hope things are going well; Thinking about you. It sounds like an amazing side of the world to see! Brovo to you both for doing it! Safe travels, Ron and Jane

Ron and Jane - 11/16/2010

For: Dear Friends

Congratulations on reaching Everest Base Camp!!! My sincere thanks for continuing to put one foot in front of the other to "kick cancer's butt" (thanks Paul Artruc for the words) and for continuting to make a difference to so many people. I met some of you on the JOI hike up Mt. Marcy!! You are an amazing group of individuals and an inspiration to all. Safe travels down the mountain and home again to your families. What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this will be for all of you

Amy Thormahlen - 11/15/2010

For: Patrick

First things first: You look amazing! Thank you so much for your wonderful e-mail. I've read it three times already and just thinking about it makes me smile. Annalie left you a long voicemail tonight. She has left one on your cell phone almost every night, like you asked. At the grocery store earlier, she pretended her arm was Mt. Everest and her walking fingers were you (almost at the bottom and on your way home). We'll see you soon! Love you.

Robin - 11/15/2010

For: Paul

Hey there. Hope you are enjoying the hike down the mountain. All of my classes at school have been eagerly awaiting the daily updates. We check in and then get distracted by talking about the trip, climbing Everest, etc. The kids love it... and we end up spending 1/2 the class chatting! They all want you to come in and share pictures and stories. I'm sure work won't mind if you miss one more day! I love you. Can't wait for Sunday!XXOO

Linda #2 - 11/15/2010

For: Kathi

visited Pam the hospital today - she's really touched by the stories from the mountain - I think it's giving her hope!!! I told her about Bonnie's audio - very true!!! She's in the middle of some very difficult "steps" as were you all! Be safe and remember - only 50 pounds in that suitcase!!!! Love to all!

canoelite - 11/15/2010

For: Paul Artruc

Keep it up. Look forward to seeing the pictures, and listening to the stories.......STAY AWAY FROM THE ANIMALS! See ya soon buddy. Mike

Mike - 11/15/2010

For: Matt

Teagan heard you are shopping and thought there may be some redeeming attributes to Nepal!! Aubrey is the only one who recognizes you with the beard! We miss you but adored getting the email this morning! Can't wait til we can text you again - who thought I would ever admit that!! Have some fun now that most of the hard work is behind you! Let us know what time you arrive!

your girls - 11/15/2010

For: Paul Atruc

Hey brother: glad to read that coming down off the mountain is going well. I'm sooooooooooo excited for pictures, and your stories of course. Stay well. Best to everyone.

Martha Roney - 11/15/2010

For: kathi

Out shopping! you must be delirious with all that oxygen..bring back some yak dung for our next there a Salvo there? Amy and Tommy would probably love a gift!enjoy your trek down-with all your new bling. Brenda

brenda - 11/15/2010

For: Esther

Keep up the good work! These towns must have quite the malls.

Jeff & Emily - 11/15/2010

For: To All

Great to hear of your summit and continued success on your trek through the Himalayan countryside. Around here everyone deals with the daily trials of life, depression, trauma and of course cancer. We live with strength through you, stay well.

Mudster - 11/15/2010

For: Tom S

Josh says the 'Moose' wants a sherpa hat...

sara and the Hrizaks - 11/15/2010

For: Darlene

Happy Birthday, Darlene! I have loved the posts and the photos. Joyce Kowba, who is the "new Mr.Sanders" here at Marshall, also says Happy Birthday and we both wish you many more wonderful adventures and a safe trip home. This is certainly one birthday you'll never forget!

Karen Ager - 11/15/2010

For: Daddio Paul

I hope you're having fun at your temperary home. I hope I see some pictures when you get home. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

Daughter #2 - 11/15/2010

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