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Date: November 14th, still light out, barely
Location: Milongo, near Tenboche monastery. Lots of 02, 12,500 ft.

We were intoxicated to be heading down, deeper into the land of oxygen. It is a balmy 38 degrees here, cloudy. Amazing to be feeling so well where a few days before we were breathing hard. Post high ailments are sporadic in the group. A few sore knees, runny noses, normal given the event. Tom and Esther are okay, still some pain for Tom. Tomorrow is an exciting day. Tenboche monastery is where all the climbers go to be blessed. No audience for us with the Lama though as he just left town. He is getting older and heading out to Khatmandu.

We are at a very traditional tea house tonight. Old clay fireplace opening to a vent on the ceiling. Shelves holding cookware and blankets line the walls. Benches provide seats and we throw a blanket on our laps for warmth. Cozy.

Kathi-feeling better after watching another trekker need to be carried down (not from our group).
      02 92%
     Pulse: 78
Patrick-feeling strong like Yak.
     02 90%
    Pulse: 90

sadly our 2nd pedometer has ceased to perform. We regret the future lack of input to this popular part of our blog.

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For: Matt

Congrats to you and to all for this monumental achievement! Amazing to think what all of you were doing while I was raking leaves in my front yard. I thought that was an accomplishment! lol. So thankful for Bonnie's message - it made us teary. We are celebrating our gratitude for each other today and we look forward to seeing you next week! Enjoy and safe travels down!

Kate - 11/15/2010

For: Matt and ALL...

Congratulations to everyone! What an adventure - and we can't wait to hear more stories and see the pictures! Thank you all for your endurance, commitment and great spirit - you are an inspiration to us all!

Gerianne - 11/15/2010

For: Everyone

Love you all. And everyone of you, listen up to Carroll's message to Tom S. Take it easy on the way back! Be Happy. Well. :) Bon

Bonnie L - 11/15/2010

For: Tom S

Congratulations Tom!!! Be extra careful with your knee on the descent. Most accidents occur on the down climb. Got to stay strong for next year ;-)

Carroll '08 - 11/15/2010

For: Paul A

Just got back from XC states after Livonia girls team won at sectionals and checked your progress. WOW! Best wishes to you and everyone for the remainder of the trip! Can't wait to see photos!

Jimbo Guitar man - 11/14/2010

For: Patrick

We're back in Rochester. The train ride was good except that the cafe cart guy was extremely rude, prompting a letter from me to Amtrak. (Maybe we'll get a discount on another trip!) I'm glad you're strong like yak - just don't come home smelling like one. Seven more days! Love you.

Robin - 11/14/2010

For: Kathi

A little "sweet Walter White" on Marcia's new boat and a little in us!!! Great day for Nov. 14th! And you're on your way Down! Wow!!! Bet the body is feeling better and better! or at least you're breathing a little easier! Life is good isn't it? Remember the mosquitoes in the Everglades? and Shorties Shortcut? and the trek to Base Camp?? What accomplishments!!! I'm glad I've had a few of them with you...this one you're on your own! Love to all - keep those feet going guys!

canoelite - 11/14/2010

For: To Tom Stevens

Tom -- Congratulations on reaching your goal on another amazing adventure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Come home safe.

From John & Mary Ellen - 11/14/2010

For: Kathi

We are all so proud of you and will continue to pray for your safe return. Brenda, Nadean, Laurel, Marilyn, and Peggy braved the elements today so I could take my maiden voyage in my boat. We missed you, but you were in our thoughts. I hope you can breathe a little easier from now on.

Marcia - 11/14/2010

For: Paul Artruc

A Hail Mary somewhere in your travels would be much appreciated. Safe rest of your adventure. Had a nice walk with Linda #2 on the greenway trail his a.m., near our monastery. Peace.

Martha Roney - 11/14/2010

For: Darlene

Tim and I are having a great time here during his visit. No problems to report, although I should probably begin cleaning the house before your return home. Happy Birthday to you and all my love!

Jesse - 11/14/2010

For: Everyone

Please give fellow hiker Darlene happy birthday greetings(Nov 15) for me. I hope that you all enjoy your experience at the monastery and the final week of your trip.

Jesse - 11/14/2010

For: Kathi

It's all downhill from here, well almost. Just a few uphills here and there. Just finished up our Indian Summer with a paddle this afternoon. Can't wait to see you and hear about the journey. Enjoy the oxygen.

Laurel - 11/14/2010

For: Everyone

In celebration of your accomplishment, the Buffalo Bills got their first win of the season today! (true story) Congratulations everyone.

Meg - 11/14/2010

For: Kathi

Your "stats" look great now...i'll bet you're thinking about running back up there for kicks..we paddled today to christen Marcia's new was a decent day-we also sprung out some wine-"sweet walter"! will save more for your return..all are watching on line and anxiously waiting your return enjoy your "tea and oxygen"

brenda - 11/14/2010

For: Paul

So glad you are heading down.Everyone is asking about your progress. Lots of good wishes and prayers are being sent your way. We are all doing fine here, though we miss you terribly.Enjoy the oxygen, the scenery, and the culture. I love you!

Linda #2 - 11/14/2010

For: Esther

We just saw your email last night when we returned from out trip. Everything sounds good and we can't wait to see you. Everyone has been asking about you and I forwarded your message. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Jeff & Emily - 11/14/2010

For: Alison

The whole experience sounds awesome - the Mountain, the monastery, the tea room (I'm liking the tea room part). Off to RPYO concert soon. Swarm is waiting at the foot of the stairs again. We've got plenty of oxygen here for everyone! Cheers:)

John, Maria and Dogs - 11/14/2010

For: Matt

Loved hearing about the tea rm. We are cozy at home doing homework. Teagan is drawing and Aubrey reading alot! I continue to tackle electronic records. Went to brunch at Omega. Rainy but 60s today. Only 1 wk til we see you - but who's counting!?! Enjoy making memories!

your girls - 11/14/2010

For: kathi

HI kathi, Thinking of you. I love folllowing along and 'seeing' your trip. Can't wait to hear about when you get back, Love Teresa

Teresa - 11/14/2010

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