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Date: November 12 - Audio Post 1
Location: Loboche, 16,300 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: All you Crazies at base Camp

I assume by the time you get this you'll be there. WOW! soo amazing! Hats off to you all! You're all amazing -- you guys and Tom and Esther. You're all my heroes!!! I'm gonna win the lottery and go next year! Knee's better -- I'm ready! Lots o Love, Bon

Bonnie Lloyd - 11/14/2010

For: Esther and Tom

Hi Tom, Hi Esther, Great to hear you're together and staying warm at the Himilaya Hilton. Thinking of you lots. Lots o Love to you both! Bon

Bonnie Lloyd - 11/14/2010

For: Tom S,

Keep warm, Tom, and enjoy the view. I hope you get to take a lot of pictures. Maybe you can can give a presentation when you get back. I'm sure the town would love to hear about you adventures.

Larry F. - 11/13/2010

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