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Date: November 12 - Audio Post 2
Location: Loboche

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Esther

Esther, I think Jeff read the wrong Rochester law book. Don't you think it would be fun and unique to be the only one in Rochester to have earrings or a necklace made of yak dung? It eventually loses its odor and germs, doesn't it? I could make the jewelry for you and we could spray it with some kind of sealant. Come on, let's do it! Alice...........Esther, when I said "Holy Shit" in a previous post, I never thought Alice would actually ask you to bring some home. Am I really mar

Alice & Ralph - 11/13/2010

For: Tom S

'Climb ev'ry mountain....'til you find your dream. Thinking of you often..

Sara & the Hrizaks - 11/13/2010

For: Tom W

Hey! Where are you folks? Hope all is well and we'll soon hear that your group is safe back in Kathmandu. It's good to know you have loyal trek mates and with a great group. See you soon.

Ron & Jane - 11/13/2010

For: All

Yeah, it's "Just keep swimmin" not "Keep on swimmin" - DUH. I suck. So anyways - Just keep swimmin' just keep swimmin'... YOU CAN DO IT!!

Sadie - 11/12/2010

For: Everyone

Keep on swimmin, keep on swimmin, swimmin, swimmin.

Sadie - 11/12/2010

For: everyone

fun to hear these audio's..Keep em coming! You all sound good and strong!

canoelite - 11/12/2010

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