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Date: November 12, 4 pm
Location: Loboche, 16,300 feet.

Picture: Sobering place, a pass a few miles before Everest Base Camp all trekkers and climbers pass through. Filled with memorial chortens to those who did not walk out. This one is Scott Fisher's, 1996 accident made famous in the Jon Krauker book "Into Thin Air".

This 16,000 foot pass holds the best and worst of what makes us human. Our courage , dreams and are darker parts. As we passed through the clouds were swirling in a chilling way.

We are all feeling well but short of air at our last high camp. Tomorrow we climb for Kala Patar and Everest Base Camp on the Khumbu Glacier. It may be a long 12 hour day of hiking. All within a short distance of Everest and its drama, majesty and intrigue.

Patrick-Feeling like a hammer on the anvil of the Himalayas.
      02 81%
     Pulse: 85
Kathi-tired, a little queasy but took a rolaid, now I feel better. I ate a cookie.
     02 78%
    Pulse: 96

STEPS: 4786?

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For: kathi

"its not much further"...and that is true now! you are going to get there and have that "snack at the top"..thats why you didn't eat all the cookies! i hope Tomas and Ralphie are helping you along...soak up that view-you are looking for all of us.."look well to each step" my friend...later Brenda

brenda - 11/13/2010

For: Kathi

"Your moment of greatest strength is your moment of greatest singleness of purpose." Mr. Laurie Skreslet, One Step Beyond.

Kate - 11/13/2010

For: Paul Artruc

Almost there!!! So proud of you. I just spent a lovely evening with your wife, drinking wine (well, I was drinking wine, she was drinking the hard stuff :) and talking about our book club book. I hope all is well with you and your team and we are all thinking about you. Keep chuggin' and grab a star when your up there! Take care .....give Matt a big hello from us too! Lisa and Mike

Lisa Mallaber - 11/13/2010

For: Kathi

Rolaids & cookies, snack of true champs! Why stop at the base camp? Mike says if you go that far, you might as well go for the summit! It can't really be much worse than the backside of Colden, could it?

Megh & Mike - 11/12/2010

For: Kathi

Type your message here...Hi Kathi! There are several people who are following your progress and are cheering you on. Some are on their own "treatment trail" and others have reached their "base camp". Please know that you ARE making a difference in their lives; you are giving them hope with each forward step. Keep on trekking! Wishing you easy breathes and safe steps...... and more cookies too.

Beth - 11/12/2010

For: Paul Artruc

Hey Paul, you are almost there. Wow. Peace and all good vibes to you and yours. Following you ... so proud and ever grateful. Can't wait for the slide show. Oh, and that beer we have left to drink. Smile !

Martha Roney - 11/12/2010

For: Kathi B.

Hi Kathi, You know that we are all with you in our thoughts , although you have to do all the climbing! stay healthy and take it one step at a time. We admire you - can't wait to see the pictures. monika

Monika - 11/12/2010

For: Paul

Soooo good to hear your voice! you sound great, strong and healthy. Good luck your final push to Base Camp. stay safe and soak in every moment. I want a detailed account. Unfortunately, the girl scout cookies were delivered and I ate all of the pbutter ones! love you!

Linda #2 - 11/12/2010

For: Patrick

From Annalie: I miss you very, very very (add about another 20 "verys" here) much, and I love you. Bye! From Robin: I heard your voice! I heard your voice! I heard your voice! OK, I guess repetition is our MO today. I am so proud of you. Almost there...Visualizing that biggest, tightest hug at the airport!

Robin & Annalie - 11/12/2010

For: Kathi

Wow - you're getting there. What a sobering experience. You only ate 1 cookie!!! What's wrong with you. A dozen and you'll feel much better!!! The voice of experience here!! Enjoy the experience - I'm sure it's like none other. Can hardly wait to see you home safe and sound.

canoelite - 11/12/2010

For: bonnie and jim

I've been writing daily but just found out my messages may not have gone through. Linda J.#1 is here today An d is getting me on the right tract. I wrote every day and pray twice a dfay for all there. Be blessed, besafe and be careful b4twice,

sister dorothy - 11/12/2010

For: EBC Team

You guys are doing very well so far. It's impressive that so many have persevered to such a high altitude. I feel bad that Tom W and Esther aren't continuing with you but I'm sure they made the right decision. Stay strong for the last push. I look forward to the pictures.

Carroll '08 - 11/12/2010

For: Tom S and all

feel good and enjoy love and greetings anneke and egbert

Anneke and Egbert - 11/12/2010

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