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Date: November 9
Location: Dole 13,000 feet

Picture of 3 bandits wearing JOI Buffs. (you guess who they are) Cho Yu 26,000 plus, in the background taken at 15,500 feet.

Thanks for the blogs. We are getting them. There is a day delay but we grateful for the news for grandparents, warm words from our kids make us tear up. We do not have internet. These post are typed one letter at a time then we stand and wait until we get a satellite. Sometimes they drop in the middle of a transmission. It takes two minutes for one picture to transmit if we don't lose the satellite and have to start over. This is usually done in the dark at 30 degrees standing in a yak pasture. Sometimes the computer expert is the first one to yak so postings are delayed a little. Despite the fun and beauty we convey, life high in the mountains is challenging. Ask your trekkers about just the adventure of going to the bathroom.

Anyway, today was a lovely walk down past several turquoise alpine lakes. We walked to a viewpoint over a gigantic rock covered glacier. The afternoon walk was in the clouds. Kami, our sirdar or head sherpa, owns the lodge we are camping at.

Kathi- head cold, cough, sore throat, in the tent at dinner so no stats
Patrick-for Robin, "I feel great!"
       02 90%
      Pulse: 90

STEPS : 15,165

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For: All my Kili buds!

THird try to get a message through to you, i will keep trying because i know how imoportant they are! Esther, you look FABULOUS darling, one step at a time, just one step at a time. Planning to drink up all your good red wine this weekend Matt- don't worry Char said it's ok. Paul, bring home a yak for the 'little girls.' keeping you all in prayers. Linda #1

LInda #1 - 11/10/2010

For: Jim and Bonnie

Congratulations Grampa (again) Looks just amazing. Jerry, Bill E. and myself have been following your progress from up here on the 7th floor.

Mary Kay Fulkerson - 11/10/2010

For: Paul Artruc

PEACE.LOVE.HOPE.PRAYERS and YAKS !!! Stay strong everyone. You are amazing.

Martha Roney - 11/10/2010

For: my JOI buds

You guys are looking pretty chipper for that altitude. I know how uncomfortable it feels. Yesterday had to have been a very difficult day. You're doing great. Keep up your spirits and enjoy the beauty. Hope Kathi is feeling better. Great picture Esther; I know you'll succeed this time.

Carroll - 11/10/2010

For: Everyone

You say that you have to type these blogs one letter at a time like we're supposed to be impressed. Hellooooo everything is typed one letter at a time! You think I have a keyboard over here just full of all the possible words that could be typed so I type one word at a time?? Seriously you should be giving me way more credit. (Rick this is where you smile and say... KIDDING!!) SO glad you're all doing well - the pictures are great. Hope Tom W. is back with you and feeling better. Sending you lot

Sadie - 11/10/2010

For: Paul

I guess I wasn't really paying too much attention when you told me you were leaving for your trip. I couldn't figure out why it was going to take you three weeks to go up Mount Olympus!?! Can't you get any good pictures of Flint or Day Hall? Anyway, Conan O'Brien started his new show this week - Hilarious first show last night - you'll have to catch it online (just like I did this morning - don't tell the boss!). Stay safe!

Jeff and Laura - 11/9/2010

For: Paul

Hope you are still 100%. Don't let the altitude get you down (literally and figuratively). All is well here. The goats say "hi". They miss you in the morning. Hugs and kisses from your girls. Love you!

Linda #2 - 11/9/2010

For: Rick

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the daily updates. I forgot how hard it was to send messages (kili was a challenge). We love you for keeping us updated (and for your stunning good looks and great sense of humor!). Keep our group safe!

Linda #2 - 11/9/2010

For: Esther

Keep up the good work everyone. You are doing great! We are very excited watching your tremendous progress!

Jeff & Emily - 11/9/2010

For: Paul

Looking rather high - don't look down! Sounds like the group is doing great. Keep on "truckin"! Love you lots - Susie

Susie - 11/9/2010

For: Paul

Both had to go to the Dr.'s today (Daddy can't figure out what to say - so this is what he came up with) Mommy continues to scold him! Both are very proud of what you are accomplishing! Darren says "hi"!

Mommy & Daddy - 11/9/2010

For: kathi

hey.we don't need no stinkin cables! snot all over them thare hills and take no prisoners..see you soon brenda

brenda - 11/9/2010

For: Kathi

This is no time to catch a cold. Hope you are feeling better today. Drink plenty of tea and enjoy the views.

Laure - 11/9/2010

For: Kathi

This is no time to catch a cold. Hope you are feeling better today. Keep drinking tea and enjoy the views.

Laurel - 11/9/2010

For: Kathi

O' no - not a good time to have a cold!! You know the drill...drink lot's of tea and rest!! Yea, right!!! Well then, keep on hiking!!! This sounds like it's getting to be a really tough adventure!! And you're one tough gal! Enjoy the beauty! Prayers for you and for the group. (I'll have a cup of tea for you)

canoelite - 11/9/2010

For: Matt

Well its not easy being the man of the house with you gone. All they do is watch chick flicks and eat salads! Come back soon so i can leave the toilet seat up and have a steak bone.Love, Your four legged friend - Buddy

BUDDY - 11/9/2010

For: Matt

We are happy to see pictures and we missed the post soo much yesterday!Amazed at the effort it takes to walk at that altitude & how tough to send a post. Homemade pizza tonight. Girls are saving all the Castle episodes for your return!Ellen & I got the jet ski all set. Warmer weather returns, all those Girl Scout Cookies u ordered arrived - we'll try to save Thin Mint 4 U!Girls have Thur and Fri off school!! We LOVE you!!!

your girls - 11/9/2010

For: Paul

Hey dad! I hope you're having fun! Sounds really beautiful and I wish I was there (: Love you and stay safe!

Daughter #2 - 11/9/2010

For: Jim & Bonnie

Sounds like incredible scenery and challenging conditions. We came home from the hospital Monday night (birth was Saturday night). Jackson is so tiny that nearly all of his clothes are too big. He's doing great though & is a good feeder. He has lots of hair and goes for his first doctors appt tomorrow. Dusty is not quite sure what to make of him. Emily & I are trying to find out how many nights we can go without sleep. Right now we're on 3.

Kevin & Emily - 11/9/2010

For: Patrick and Matt

I went out to lunch with Robin today and now I'm here for dinner with Mollie, so it's been a very productive day for me. I didn't have to do any cooking. Stay well. Stay warm. Eat. Sleep well.

Mom - 11/9/2010

For: Patrick

It's amazing how three little words ("I feel great!") can bring tears to the eyes. Thank you thank you thank you! So happy you're doing well. And I got to see your face again! What a gift. Your mom and Mollie are over for dinner tonight. Leaving for White Plains tomorrow on the train. Love you!

Robin - 11/9/2010

For: Darlene

It's 4:15pm here (3 am Katmandu time) so I thought I would send a quick note before heading out to dinner. I've given the web link to a couple other folks who may post a message for you. I walk Gretchen daily, but she is fattening up nicely without you to take her for her daily run. Hope you are staying warm and having fun!

Jesse - 11/9/2010

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