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Date: Tuesday May 24
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Today, we continued to enjoy the hospitality of our Tanzanian hosts. After working on the house and property in the morning, some of us went to share music, and some to explore the town. Maria brought CDs from the local Rochester bands that played at the concerts to raise money for the project and presented them to the Wizards. Some of us had an adventure exchanging money, buying stamps at the post office and of course shopping for souvenirs. We then divided into 3 groups to spend the evening and overnight at Yusuph's, Riziki and Mohammed to share in a typical evening. Tune in tomorrow to hear the experiences from all 3 evenings!

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For: Maria

Hey Maria, Love this pic of you and fellow music makers.

Raksha - 5/27/2016

For: Karen Wosniak

We are still in Awe of your wonderful journey - Photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your life with us all Hugs and be careful.

Lorraine and Joe tumolo - 5/26/2016

For: Karen Wozniak

Went to Joanne's and caught up on your amazing trip!! What your doing is great. Embrace your journey and enjoy every minute. God Bless Much love!!!

Your Family in Syracuse - 5/25/2016

For: Lynn Pigage

Music - the universal language. How wonderful you can share your talent with your hosts and also gain from theirs. What a special experience you are having.

Ellen Elliott - 5/25/2016

For: Arden Neubauer

Looks like you all are having an amazing experience! We miss you, and can't wait to see you soon!

Karl - 5/25/2016

For: Bill T

I know you are having an amazing adventure and I hope you are enjoying the music and community. I look forward to hearing the details. Thanks for making the world a bit better. p.s. It is raining and muddy here as well. I'm wishing you all some blue skies!

Kelly R - 5/24/2016

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