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Date: Wednesday May 25
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

It was a day of goodbyes and hello's. We finished all we could do at the site, laid hands on the walls, wrote messages of hope and waved as we drove away. We then spent our last hour with the Wizards, singing the songs in english and swahili that we taught each other . Conversations started immediately about what comes next. We figured out what we needed to continue this project. What are you doing in 2018.?

So, I know you have been waiting to hear about the sleep overs last night. Arden and Bonnie stayed at Rizikis home. They were welcomed with open arms and felt right at home. It was home of three rooms, bare concrete homes, curtains for doorways, no running water, and the cooking outside. A home for 6 people and 3 rooms and it was family night of dinner, games and conversation. A normal family night.

Bill and Troy spent the night at Mohammad's home, a kitchen, sitting room and one bedroom for the family. It was the first time for many of us in a Muslim home and an experience of warmth, acceptance and love. In all homes, we were given the best bed in the house.

The hello of the day came as we walked back to our hotel and her majesty, Mt. Kilimanjaro came out in all her glory. It was like her saying hello and thanking us for caring for the ones she watches over.

Lala Salama.

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