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Location: Tanzania, Africa

A treat is something special and unexpected. Today was full of them. As we bumped along the road, we enjoyed the fresh smell of rain and waving to the children walking to church in their Sunday best.

We were treated to the culinary cuisine of Riziki through out the day (yes, the same Riziki that fed us on the mountain). From chi and mandazi, to hot coffee and peanuts, to a wonder lunch of plantains, potatoes and beef. And, yes, all cooked outside on an open fire.

We were delighted by the songs of welcome from the children at the Kilimanjaro Orphanage. It is always to difficult to see how these children live, but the universal language of music soon had everyone singing and dancing with joy.

The joy continued into the evening with a dinner at Yusuph's house with the families of Riziki, Yahya, and Juma. A world apart but together through a shared meal and music.

Today, what a treat indeed!

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For: Bonnie

So glad to hear you are having a fabulous time. The singing, dancing and joyful work are such a perfect fit for you. I am so happy you are getting to have this awesome experience. Love and hugs! Enjoy . . .

Maureen - 5/23/2016

For: Lynn

Looks like things are going well. Love seeing these updates. Wonderful opportunity and adventure. Can't wait to hear about it and the ♥people♥ over there... Love you loads and loads. Wow you're on the other side of the world ! GASP! Thinking about you every day!!!

Jeannie - 5/23/2016

For: Maria

What a treat to see and hear about your amazing and meaningful connections. I admire all of you for this important work. Thanks for sharing these daily updates. With love.

Nancy - 5/23/2016

For: Maria

Hi Maria, the live updates are great. What a great work mission adventure. Sing and play on! Hugs.

Raksha - 5/22/2016

For: bonnie

mom, glad to see your adventure is off to a great start! - the orphanage and maria came together, she was able to play music with the children, how sweet of a welcome to sung to upon your arrival! also i see coffee was available ;) on an open fire even- wheew! i see on the map there are a few national parks in this region, are these part of your trip for safari? hello to maria & lynn, lots of love! love us

maria & mark - 5/22/2016

For: Arden Neubauer

I am reading the daily updates of your trip. I am SO happy that you have had this opportunity. How wonderful! Wish I were there enjoying all this with you but, alas, there is this cat........

Sister Mary - 5/22/2016

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