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Date: Saturday, May 21
Location: Moshi, Tanzania, house building site.

Today we may not have raised a roof-yet-but we raised walls and our voices on high What an amazing first day. We began our day with a ride in a Dola Dola. Yes, these are the city buses, but they are actually vans that carry the citizens around town. If you are claustrophobic, I would not recommend sitting in the 4th row back. At one time we had 17 people going over bumpy dirt roads. What a ride but it truly gave us the experience that everyone has. We are here during the off season so the color of our skin is unique. It gibes you and instant appreciation of what others experience in our country and a reminder to us all to be more kind and excepting.

We spent the day working on the land they was bought by so many donations. One of the houses was all ready up with a roof and we worked on the second one by sifting sand and making concrete and working side by side with our African friends . The highlight may have been seeing Maria and Karen clearing the land with machetes.

We then had a meeting with the Kilimanjaro Wizards. An amazing drum and dance troup. We sang, we danced, we raised our voices and made new friends.

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For: Maria

Love the updates..I would love to see you clearing land with a go proud of you! xoxo

Gloria - 5/25/2016

For: Bonnie

Hi, We are sitting here with your mom discussing your fabulous, amazing adventure. Sending our love!

Lynda - 5/22/2016

For: Lynn Pigage

Following the daily updates - so impressed with all that you are doing. Can't wait to hear about it in person.

Ellen Elliott - 5/22/2016

For: Arden Neubauer

Looks like you all are off to an amazing start! Wishing you a safe and wonderful journey! We love you!

Karl Neubauer - 5/22/2016

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