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Date: Friday, May 20th, evening
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Letting all know first we are all safe. Yusuf and Tom met us at the airport.

Great first day. After checking into the hotel we took our first walk around our new home town. Of course drivers on left takes some time getting used to. On the drive here and in town, the Masaai, tall, wearing bright robes and a huge trademark red sheath for their knife lets you know you are not in New York.

Dinner was at a local place we walked to. The goat, fish, ugali and french fries were served on community platters and eaten with our hands. The bright moon and southern cross lit up the table much better then the kerosene lanterns.

Looking forward to building tomorrow

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For: Lynn Pigage

Greetings dear friend! So glad you arrived safely. Wish you and your friends a fabulous time. May each day be filled with memorable adventures. Love to you.

David - 5/21/2016

For: Lynn Pigage

Glad to see the 1st entry and following it closely Have a wonderful experience!!

Jeannie pigage - 5/21/2016

For: Karen Wosniak

We are thinking of you and your fellow hikers. Be safe and have a fantastic journey. Very inspiring!!! Hugs.

Lorraine and Joe Tumolo - 5/21/2016

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