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Date: Thursday, March 5
Location: Lalibela, Ehtiopia

So, we tried today to find some camels to ride but it seems they were all busy working so no rides. We did pass groups of up to 20 though.

We spent the day in the bus traveling about 360 km or 220 miles. This even on a mostly paved road takes about 8 hours. This is very curvy country. It is a constant curve around hills or up into the mountains. Traffic is very light but pedestrian, cow, camel, goat and child use of the roads very heavy. The other day we only passed 8 cars total in one hour.

The goal today was to get to this ancient town with its mysterious rock hewn churches. These are the items of legends and if the outside world knew of them would be as famous as the pyramids in Egypt. It is not known how they were made, it seems impossible. They have been sheltered until recently from the world by the mountains it took us all day to travel through. They are probably the most famous tourist destination in Ethiopia which means we saw a few other westerners a few times today. We will post on our last post tomorrow pics of them.

Last night we prowled the streets of the city of Mekele looking for ice cream and pepto bismo. We went into every shop dispalying an ice cream cone and each drug store. We never did find the pepto but upon returning to the hotel, found an ice cream machine within a block on the other side of the street...

Stay tuned....

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For: Chris Rick & Crew

Chris - What an amazing trip! Been looking online at the rock hewn churches of Lalibela - can't imagine what it's like to be there in person. Looking forward to pictures & stories. Rick - Thank you so much for sharing with us. It has been fun. Hope you all have been half as entertained as Terri & I have been :) Chris - Leave the baboon and bring home a camel instead. Please. Every one - Enjoy the last of your time in Ethiopia and safe travels to all!

deb - 3/6/2015

For: Chris

Glad all is well. These roads sound perfect for some pre-season 5K training....of course you would have to be epic to do that in Ethiopia. Couple more days....enjoy!

Terri - 3/5/2015

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