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Date: Wednesday, March 4
Location: Mekele, Ethiopia. 8 hours of driving.

In the pic you can see a local priest holding open a 500 year old, which is new here, bible at Yeha. Yeha is a site we visited today that was the seat of Ethiopian power over 2,500 years ago. There is still standing massive ancient walls of the temple there. In addition a German team is excavating the palace nearby. The town surrounding it looks like something out of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Dusty plaza surrounded by dirt streets lined with stone houses little changed in 2000 years. At the local well is lined up donkey and camels carrying water or woman with jugs on their back.

We drove through and area of sandstone much different then earlier in the day when the mountains were granite. Here, hidden and scattered days walk from the main road are over 127 rock hewn churches, some never seeing any visitors but still in use by the locals.

The road was paved today except for our side excursions. A treat. The hotel modern. Last night we were interviewed on the national television channel and asked how we liked Axum.

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For: Chris

So much ancient history, you must be loving this trip. It all sounds fascinating. Plus, you all got to be on Ethiopian TV! How cool! Missing you & sending hugs

deb - 3/4/2015

For: Everyone

So cool. We are all following your blog at work...some because they want to and others because I force them to participate...:)

Terri - 3/4/2015

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