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Date: Tuesday, March 3
Location: Axum, Capital of ancient Ethiopia

an you say ancient? I mean, we were standing in the Queen of Sheba palace looking across the road at 3000 year old steleas', raised stones to mark usually burial places.

We began and 4 to 6 century steleas see in the picture of the group. Then the local kings converted to Christianity so they built churches instead. What you cant see it that the whole field is undermined by Raiders of the Lost Arc type tombs. Incredible. And only 5 percent of the whole ancient area has been excavated. We went into museums to see ancient treasures for the time of Christ forward.

After lunch, we walked past camels carrying good to market and passed one of the 3 huge funeral processions we saw today.

We went to the church where the Ark of the Convenant is kept. It is a wonderful legend how it came to be here. The only 2 Europeans to ever see the Ark were both in the 1700's.

Now, only one priest for life is allowed in to preserve it.

We watched a procession of for a mass, saw a double baptism and listened to chanting in the church. Now we are sitting on the sidewalk drinking coffee and beer as the people head home. Coffee locally is a long process. They have to heat the beans over the fire, bring them by for you to smell, light incense and then boil the coffee and keep repouring into the clay pot, Then it is served by a lovely lady in tiny cups. Meanwhile we are to discuss the important deeds of the day.....

We will keep discussing as this sends....

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For: Martha & David

Coffee sounds like a lengthy process, but sounds good also! Like a lot of love went into it.

Katie - 3/5/2015

For: Paul

Wow, a walk through history the last few days! Amazing to reflect on how far civilization has come til now. Chat w/you soon.

Stephen, Kim, & Jackson - 3/4/2015

For: Paul

Just checking in for the first time. Looks amazing. Look forward to hearing more about the trip when you are back.

Dan - 3/4/2015

For: Chris

I was going to comment on the coffee but T beat me to it! So instead I'll ask if you looked into an archeological excavation site and said... "Asps. Very dangerous. You go first."

deb - 3/3/2015

For: All

Sounds fantastic.... Chris...don't get to enchanted with the coffee will come back to my Keurig! Do they make REV? Terri

Terri - 3/3/2015

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