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Date: Monday, March 2
Location: Axum, Ethiopia

Last nights campfire was a highlight. We were hanging out in a chilly night, under a super bright moon and stars. Baboons waking in the background. An Ethiopian wolf lurking around the edge of camp. Our friends taught Marcia how to dance. You mostly move your shoulders. This flowed into Marcia dancing with our guard and others singing and clapping in rhythm in the firelight.

Next Marcia taught the locals the bunny hop and we bunny hopped around the fire.

It was a wonderful crossing of cultures, no need to speak the same language.

Today is long dusty bus ride all the way to Axum. It was sad to leave our friends of the last week behind.. Good, honest and super hardworking people.

The picture is Sisi our cook who served us local Rift Valley wine for dinner and our guide Tegistu.

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For: Paulie

Hi Paulie. Hope you are feeling well. Wondering if you shared some of your dance moves? lol. Praying for the health and safety of your group and hope you're having a wonderful time. I'm so very jealous.

Jolene - 3/2/2015

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