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Date: Friday, February 27 - AUDIO POST
Location: Emet Gogo, 13,000

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Rick and Marcia

Wow looks like a great trip--to bad so high-I think my limit is about 7 or 8m.So will stick to lowlands now.Getting older i think but thinking young. Ha

Daddeo - 2/27/2015

For: Karla

It snowed pretty heavily here in Dallas today and didn't get above freezing so it didn't melt off either. Kibo, Gobi and Lily have been running around like crazy dogs doing figure eights in the back yard & playing for a few hours now! Kibo is exhausted - he's making his grunting noises with every exhale. Ha!

Brad - 2/27/2015

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