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Date: Last day of February, Saturday the28th
Location: Cheneek Camp, Simiens Mts. 12,000 feet

8 hour hike, high point 13,300

Most fabulous hike of the trip so far. Up we went in the morning.

We could lean over the 3000 foot drop and look for the rare local Ibex. Their numbers had dwindled to 150 at a low point a few years ago and is now at 700 for the whole world. It was a real privilege to lean over and see them working among the cliffs below to find grass. We saw another male with long antlers as we got close to camp. We were greeted by about 100 monkeys running around the camp entrance. The camp has a pipe to a shower which Kevin and Paul are trying to fix. We are pretty excited 40.8 the possibility. It is super dusty on the trail. So even cold water would feel good.

A few still sick. Lovely horse helped out. We sent one person around a shorter route to ride up to camp in the bus. The bus had a flat and a group of a hundred or so had gathered to help.

In the middle of no where on the hike, at a viewpoint will be a few people politely sitting with baskets, crosses and a few other handicrafts. Our ranger teaches them to sit quietly and wait until someone comes up and selects.

Tonight's dinner walked into camp tonight. Lamb. So we are having very fresh meat and grilled cheese and french fries for dinner.

The adventure continues.

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For: Everyone

Just looked it up in case you were all interested "Baboons use over 30 vocalizations ranging from grunts to barks to screams. Nonvocal gestures include yawns, lip smacking and shoulder shrugging." Chris...make sure you have our's potty trained and civil before you bring it home.

Terri - 2/28/2015

For: Chris

At 3am your time... Terri & I want to know if baboons scream in the middle of the night.

deb - 2/28/2015

For: Everyone

Shower? I would have come had I know you had a shower! Looking like it may hit 30 this coming week...recovery shoe weather. Enjoy.....

Terri - 2/28/2015

For: Martha and David

Actually, 3 lambs walked into camp.... but one was dinner!

Nancy - 2/28/2015

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