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Date: Wednesday, February 25 - AUDIO POST
Location: Siemien Mts, Ethiopia. 10,700 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Rick French

Yeah, about your should bring a mop home with you...ahahhaah Got ya....just kidding...all is good...

steve - 2/26/2015

For: chris

Why do you get to travel with my brother more than are one lucky dork...

steve - 2/26/2015

For: Karla

Sounds like a great trip so far. Sorry to hear those baboons were hiding from you.......did you shower before went looking for those monkeys!! Ha! Stay safe and have fun.

Brad - 2/25/2015

For: Chris

Sounds great! Glad you are having another wonderful trip :)

deb - 2/25/2015

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