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Date: Wednesday, February 25
Location: Siemien Mts, Ethiopia. 10,700 feet.

We drove about 4 hours into Northern Ethiopia to begin our 5 day trek. The Mountains are a high plateau with about a 3,000 foot escarpment. The trek is a spectacular walk along the rim. They have some rare animals here that are famous. Today we looked for a local baboon type monkey. Despite droppings being every where and dirt all dug up, no baboons.

The mountain view is similar to a one sided Grand Canyon. The distance is hazy but the brown hills with spot of mud hut and occasional green goes on forever. There are a number of soaring birds, like eagles, buzzards and others. Often we are above them...

Our walk took us about 4 hours. All are healthy and it was good to get out walking.

The temperature was perfect, a cool breeze near the rim and lots of sunshine. It feels like we are passing through an area little touched in a thousand years.

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have a great time! Chris....bring home a Baboon, it would be so fun!

Terri - 2/26/2015

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