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Date: Tuesday, February 24 - AUDIO POST
Location: Gondar Ethiopia

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Rick and Marcia

Is there any snow there? It is great here. My leg is good enough to diagonal but no tele skiing for this month I think. I hope you are having fun.

Randy - 2/25/2015

For: Karla

Accumulation....Arg dang phone !!!!

Dawn - 2/25/2015

For: Karla

The castle is amazing. You have a smile from ear to ear so I know you are enjoying your stay and not thinking about FHCA. It snowed here today. No accusation but it was nice to see. We could use a little of the sun u have. Be careful and enjoy the rest of ur stay.

Dawn - 2/25/2015

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